It was random as originally as we were suppose to head to another eatery Estelle under Josh Pelham. Eventually we came on the wrong day as they were closed.  A few doors away, tuck this busy cafe – Barry that caught our attention that we should try this cafe in Northcote too.

barry (1)

Base on their crowd and their food presentation that we peep over the window while on the way picking up our car, had created an intention for us to come back to pay them a visit.

barry (2)

barry (3)

On the next day, we decided to drop by for breakfast before we head off for our Yarra Valley wine road trip.

barry (4)

Love their cafe setting, with bright white brick wall, wooden box crates at the bottom of their cafe counter as utensils storage along with high seating area at the center.

barry (5)

To start off, we ordered their Soup of the day – Moroccan Spiced Carrot Soup with Coriander + Chorizo @ Aud 14. Pretty thick like near puree yet with amazing toast to dip along is just flavorful.

barry (6)

Coffee here is pretty good as they use house blend. Not too acidic yet mild enough to taste on the coffee aroma


barry (7)

I did not jot down the name of this dish as the flavour is pretty amazing. Something new to me as serve with mixture of ham, season cucumber and poach egg with hollandaise sauce.


barry (8)

A refreshing taste from cucumber, slightly creamy from egg yolk and sauce balance it out with mix ham and bread.


barry (10)


barry (9)

Peanut butter toast came out too nutty to my liking, as to some of you might be pretty good. As my taste bud was pamper with previous dish, I guess it had pulled this down.


barry (11)

Not a fan of House drip blend coffee lover but this turns out to be not bad. slightly fruity in aroma and I did a wrong move by mixing it with milk. Prefer the clean refreshing without milk to enjoy the aroma.

barry (13)


For this round, I guess we ordered the wrong items for this cafe as they after I left and came back and did some research only realize they are pretty well known for their super salad range.

If you are looking for pretty interesting flavour for salad or balance diet purpose, I must say this is one of a cafe to be in Melbourne place to visit as their salad and other item food presentation did caught our eyes while we were there. Cafe in Nortcote.

85 High St, Northcote
VIC 3070, Australia

Phone:+61 3 9481 7623

Hours: Open today · 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM


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