It was a recommendation by my friend to try out and little did I know that my once a week lunch place Sunway Geo also does have them, but came all the way to check VeryThai Mookata & Street Food at The Starling Mall, PJ.

I do come to Starling Mall quite often and just miss them out. Consider it like a hidden gem for Thai food in the mall. It is located at the Popular bookstore wing at Level 2. very thai sunway geoIt was my friend’s family affairs that came here for dinner and the food here was good and the price is affordable.

the ambience indeed a nice and comfortable. I had late lunch at 2.30pm on that day that is why looks quite empty.
very thai
best mookata in pjThe menu seems quite extensive and I was into their Mookata cuz of the pricing @ RM 59 for Set A. very thai menuThen they do have a lot other kind of street food which is available or even order ala carte dishes. Today only 4 of us we have some mix and match. DSC02951Again we ver order again for first timer, as everything does looks good in the menu. starling mall uptown damansaraThe classic drinks that usually will order are:

Thai Milk Tea @ RM 8.50 , Lemon Grass @ RM 7.50 , something unusual is the Thai Pink Milk tea  @ RM 8.50. best thai saladFor the Octopus Salad @ RM 22.50, this has swim to one of my top recommendations if you are looking for one. Fresh seafood was added in as prawns were fresh and juicy, octopus just boil to perfection. Thai glass noodle were cook to perfection. Right texture, slight chewy, soak with the classic sour sauce. Yumz!. The amount of sourness, sweetness, hint of spiciness just the right balance as you can taste all of it in one go. At the end you get those classic Thai street food after taste. pork neckDeep Fried Pork Neck @ RM 22.50 is also another classic street food that I would usually get when I am at Thai. It is a dish not for everyone from this stall. with the word mention its deep fried. Hence you will get the texture of slight rubbery, smooth meat texture to dip with the cher special sauce is the magic of it. You will get this confusing taste as it looks spicy but do give a nice salty, mild spicy, sour aftertaste.very thai pjbest thai pork leg riceThis would be one of my highly recommended dishes. The classic street food is Stewed Pork leg Rice  @ RM 20.50.  It is one of the best pork leg rice that suits my liking. The pork leg did not overcook, where the fats is still bouncy and not soft. Meat boil to perfection that is not too soft nor hard. The 2 secret that makes this one of my top recommended is the little side soup base which is actually the gravy. Strong aroma with hint of herbal, and hint of saltiness. Once  you add onto the meat, with a spoon of rice and top with the chili. It is the best combination. The explosion of flavours in your mouth is just satisfying.

thai hotpot

On the picture it looks seems small, thought that its easily for 2 pax. I am wrong when I am ordering that much amount of food. It is actually quite a big portion and most unique, first time seeing this with cheese in it. Makes me think that is Korean x Thai???

Cheesy Tomyum Pot with Mama Noodle @ RM 49. If you have a strong palate, then this dish will suits you well. Creaminess of this dish is quite interesting as it could be from the cheese effect. Nice balance of sourness and mild spiciness. The soup is pack with flavours. very thai mookatajeng jeng jeng.  Next is my Mookata  Set A @ RM 59.. I am certainly in love with their cutleries and also the look of its mookata. First time I see such a premium golden bbq soup holder.

Before we start, we were told the usual, need to move around the pork lard to oil the top. Then only start adding in the pork slices. 

Good point here is after you had mookata you wont smell it as they have a strong suction that goes underneath the table, clean environment too.mookata in pjbest thai steamboatbest mookata in klDSC02980Just look at the amount of food for 4 pax. seafood mookata klFor the soup base, we started of with clear soup as we were told we can do that then only add tomyum soup after that. Soup base is actually quite tasty after you have meat oil that flows into it. Tomyum will be subjective in thispoint as we love soup. After cooking a while, there is a mixture of flavours into it that might makes it unique. If you drink it before mixture it is actually decently good. best phad thaiPad Thai with Tiger Prawn @ RM 19.  Pad Thai have many version. I enjoy more those on the slightly sweet side. then I can add their condiments like vinegar, chili powder to enhance the flavour. The dish here which is exactly like I had when I was in Bangkok last year.

Again, might not be your cup of tea as a lot people associate this like Thai Char Koey Teow
best Tub Tim Grob pj

For ending, I will never miss my Tub Tim Krub – Red Rubby with Coconut milk @ RM 8.50. This is certainly must order here. A nice balance of coconut and evaporate milk, that gives a nice coconut arom that it needs. Ice here is not the harsh shaven ice, more towards the smooth side. Generous ingredients for its waterchesnut jelly and decent since. Every bite you can get the crunch of chestnut, the softness of jelly and the nangka aroma and sweetness just makes it well.

Cendol and Melon with Coconut Milk @ RM 9.50best thai food in pjvery thai uptown starling mallIf you are looking for a decent strong flavour profile of Thai food, I will be recommending VeryThai Mookata & Street Food in Starling Mall. Just note that my food was good as it was 2.30 pm. this could be one of the best Thai food in PJ.


VeryThai Mookata & Street Food @ The Starling

S-230, Second Floor, The Starling Mall,

6, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama,

47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours: 11 am – 10 pm

Tel: 012-296 7577

I have always been very curious when this Seng Kee Chicken Rice Shop open in this Solaris KL area like a year ago. I have always wonder will there be people going for it. As I was walking to dinner gathering for Korean BBQ, walked pass by saw that they have Merdeka Pomo for Fish Head Curry in Solaris, Mont Kiara for only RM 6.60 with minimum spend RM 66 starting 6pm til 16th Sept.. I think thats quite decent and gather friends to came try following day.

cheap eats in mont kiara
I am quite suprise to see their system for take away, means they are actually quite well known for this area. Looking at their menu, I am also shocked to see that they actually got quite a huge offerings. I always thought that they were a famous chicken rice shop in Solaris. 

looking at the comments, apparently they are also famous for their dim sum that is available all day long.

Reading on their menu, only know that it is actually a brand from Johor. Curious how will this version taste like cause never had Johor Chicken Rice before.
seng kee chicken rice menu
you can check out Seng Kee Full Menu: 

  seng kee chicken rice kl

Looking at the amount of chicken display they should be quite good business, siew yuk does look tempting and char siew.chicken rice in pj3 of us ordered, 2 soups. Lotus Root and Peanut Soup  @ RM12 and Watercress Soup with Chicken Feet @ RM 12,

Roast chicken 2 pax @ RM 16, Char siew mix Siew Yuk @ RM 18

Recommending their Thai Style Chicken Feet Skin @ RM 15 is good. Chew skin, cold dishes with well balance of flavours. curry fish head klThis is what we are here for. Their Mereka promo RM 6.60 for Claypot Curry Fish head. turns out to be better than expected. slight watery curry gravy, yet it is fragrant and got a bit of Penang style. I like it. 
curry fish head pjThe portion is surpsingly big. We then ask the waiter, this portion is for how many pax, replied is for 3-4 pax portion.  Normal price at RM 40. For a this portion of Curry Fish Head in KL at that price I think its pretty value.  best curry fish head kl


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best roast chicken klRoast Chicken is actually quite good. Skin is fragrant, meant is soft and juicy. Soy sauce is salty to my liking. Taste is slightly different compare to the usual that I have come across.  Their Oil Rice is also different. It is oil rice, not the chicken chicken rice.
char siew in mont kiara

siew yuk in mont kiara

Roasted Siew Yuk with crispy skin, I like as every bite is with crunch. Saltiness comes from the skin and meat is soft and juicy. 

seng kee chicken rice

Char Siew Sauce is also unique, as I forgot to request to give half fat half meat, ended up with lean meat but did order another portion just to try out. Of course the half fat half meat taste much better and more fragrant with its fats that is needed. Sauce is slightly sweet salty. totally different style compare what its in KL. 

chiliOh, you must add on their garlic and chili sauce to enhance the flavour of chicken. We finish one sauce plate each ourselves. chicken rice klAmong the oil rice and wan tan noodle dry, I like the wan tan noodle better. its slightly thin version. Love the texture, slightly chewy with nice handling of the noodle that is not overcook. Sauce is mix well. I would come back for char siew wan tan mee onlyRM10wan tan mee kl

kopitiam in mont kiarafor Hainan Cham and Hainan Kopi @ RM 3.80 each, I like the cham much more. Stronger fragrant tea taste with mild better following thru.

seng kee chicken rice solaris

I read comments that many prefer their classic steam chicken. will definitely come back again for second round. I guess this is consider cheap food in Mont Kiara, Solaris.  Now this is making curious how would Johor actual chicken rice taste like. 


Seng Kee Chicken Rice

成記雞飯 (Solaris Mont Kiara)

No. 8, Jalan Solaris 3, Solaris Mont Kiara,

50480 Kuala Lumpur,

Time: 8am – 10.30pm

Tel: 016-759 8999


It has been a while since last posteda bout street food and to share with all of you, one of my usual favourite to go place during night street food is at Wai Sek Kai SS2. Plenty of pretty decent food, not the best but comfort food there. Stall no. 8 ,9 and 10 is the usual stalls that I would order. Stall no.8 has the Best Chinese Fried Indian Noodle.

 A kind of taste which is quite nostalgic for me, quite Penang style cuz this is run by Penang family over 30 years already, I aslo started to eat this stall since I studied in KL many moons ago. 

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They are one more consistency for its Fried rice, char Koey teow and even Chiense Indian Fried noodle. Love their fried noodle, as they have their own special gravy that cook along, fried till abit moist to dry, hint of sweet end, mild spicy, and its just a perfect place

A Perfect place for simple nice food. At times there are hit and misses, overall its still good. 

If you are a fan of Korean BBQ, you might want to consider to check out this new place in Sri Petaling. Gu On will be 1st Smoked Korean BBQ Modern Dining in Sri Petaling, KL. I am certainly impress with this new outlet that just open its door recently to many of Korean BBQ lover out there.


The air con is blast that makes you comfort in dining. In the menu, there are  good choices of sides, entry and main meat to choose from. 


korean modern dining

Bringing in the latest Korean Modern Cuisine to KL. I have watch alot of Netflix cooking stuff and this is actually quite near what they are serving compare to many our local Korean BBQ here. I would say one of its first kind! They signature is Smoked Ribs using hay stacks. I have always into those kind of smoked stuff .

kimchi jiggae

Kim Chi Pork Collagen Soup @ RM 30  is indeed something classic, but this is a bowl that looks simple, clear but pack with flavours. First sip will bring you trough some clarity, then follow thru some taste of sweetness from pork, hint of sourness kimchi a soup that gives you a nice touch that you need before starting the meal. It is indeed good ! recommended.DSCF4611

Volcano Steam egg @ RM 16 something simple that I would usually order. For this here is a bit fluffy and airy. Must drop a few drops of their in house soy sauce. Do request from them. It enhance the flavour up. 

korean steamed egg recipe

korean soba noodle

Perilla Cold Noodles @ RM 26 is indeed next in the line that must order. It is a cold noodle that brings you different layers of flavours. Cleverly build up in taste, that sprinkle with slices of fresh apple, that give you the crips and freshness while you start chewing on the cold soba, it gives a very refreshing perspective and the sesame and soy brings you the balance of mild salty it needed. A simple dish to hit on.

korean bbq in kuchai lama

smoked korean bbq

Smoked ribss is a must order. I find that the flavour is well balance. It is not too smokey yet you cant taste the well season meat. Each bite gives you a nice extra kick that it needs and its best to pair with their soju. Just cut thru nicely and bring hint of sweetness after taste. 

Smoked Pork hidden Back 160g @ RM 42  

smoked meat

Beef Brisket with Enoki @100 g RM38smoked korean bbq (2)

famous korean bbq in kl


famous korean bbq

korean bbq in pj

Smoked Beef Short Ribs 280 g @ RM 98

korean bbq in sri petaling

korean bbq

pork skin

Finishing, we add on Smoked Pork skin @ RM 20 and Smoked Fruit Marinated Intestine @ RM 39. The pork skin!!!!!!!is next whole new level. The bounch of it and while grilling it just shoot you with oil. If it is cook perfectly, you will get a nice layer of slight crips one sided skin and another side of skin is soft and chewy. Enjoyed both texture at one go.

korena bbq pork

Intestine is already pre smoked and cook. Just a slight touch of grill on the pan to give its light crispiness it needed, then the bite of each ring is good!

korean bbq in kl

korean bbq in mont kiara

I am certainly impressed with all the side condiments and the style of flavours, and offerings that they have. Truly is like watching Netflix production as this Modern Korean Dining BBQ is certainly one of its kind. If you are explorative and love to try what the new trend flavour of Korea then this is certainly one of the place to hit on now!

DSCF4623Seafood and Green Onion Pancake @ RM 26

   kimchi ice cream

To end , you can choose 3 different types of ice cream flavours. They have 1 indeed quite adventurous is Kimchi Ice Cream.

My Fav is Makgoli. It is smooth, strong makgoli flavours and it is indeed alcoholic on sri petaling


GU On Korean BBQ

22, Jalan Radin Bagus 8,

Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 57000

Time: 11am – 11pm 

A few times I drive pass by this place, it is always full with people and got me very curious. Only then found out that they are one of the new famous  大头啦啦煲 Dai Tao Lala Pot at Kepong, KL. They are famous for Charcoal Claypot Lala Pot. dai tao lala potDecided to check them out this Kepong Lalal Pot and I kiasu to come early at 5.30 pm after reading at some of the comments. The queue can go as crazy as 2 hours wait. When I reach, I  can even see some tables already finishing up eating where they open at 5pm. Quite crazy eaters.

dai tao lala pot menu

charcoal claypot kepong klOne of a Charcoal Steamboat in KL you can find.

fried lalal kepongFirst time here, we decided and go for 2 charcoal claypot. This is Dai Tao Signature Soup @ RM 38 per kg clams which is the star of the day. You can see that many tables just take phone out and shoot as most of the diners will suddenly jump up. First  is to make the claypot hot ontop of the flaming charcoal. They have a quick stir fry on some ingredients. Add in clams, soup then let it boil.
lala claypot kl Moments later, the clams is ready, do beware that time it agak agak 2-3 minutes then its ready to eat. If not will be over cooked then the fresh claims will shrink. Add in Chinese Rice wine to stir up the flavour (by the way it is also free flow for the Chinese rice wine to add into soup)lala steamboat You need to be fast to finish the lala in the pot or best advise to scoop up all of it and enjoy at the sides.Broth

is  mild spicy from ginger taste, hint of Chinese wine (but you can add more) to give you the extra punch of flavours. Clams flavour is there. I personally feel that to drink half of the soup enjoy it before allowing them to add on the soup base. The first soup base is always the best.pork pepper soup Next  pot we trying their Pork Stomach Soup with White Peppercorn @ RM38. Those of you cant take the strong version then this might be suitable for you to enjoy longevity of drinking. Mild peppery, nice after taste of broth and pretty decent broth to be as steamboat.  Chicken meat is soft.nam yu fried chicken wing I see other table order Namyu Fried Chicken, and it seems looks good. Order along. Turns out to be better than expected as they use fresh chicken to fry. Skin is crispy, not too salty and well balance of namyu taste is there, yet not too overpowering.steamboat in kepongWe are ready to dig in. 
special chili sauce I see other people making this sauce and I also follow along. Very simple. Just mix everything in the ingredients section. Just beware that their chili paid is very spicy. I am sure you will blow fire after eat it yet quite addictive. Its a  mixture of garlic, parsley, chili pady and Chives.

fresh seafood kepong Seafood we order were pretty spot on.

Tiger Prawns were really fresh @ RM22.90, Thousand Layer Beef Tripes  @ RM 18.90 , Hokkaido Scallops @ RM 28 , Marble Pork Slice @ RM 15.90, Signature Fish Paste @ RM 18.20seafoodAfter you finish you first round of soup, time to add in all the extra extra ingredients. I am not a fish ball person but their Fu Zhou Fish Ball @ RM 12.90 is a must order. Love the bounciness and the texture of it. Pretty good.

20230805_183402 We were lucky to get a table outside. Even though its hot we pray for luck to get windy wind.20230805_185504enjoy unlimited refill of soupbase.
best steamboat in kepongInside here is warm. If got opp do sit outside, no choice then sit in side and wear your bikini and beach wear.charcoal claypot steamboat klIf you are looking for a steamboat place in Kepong, you might want to consider this as one of the option. Be prepare to queue on weekend as I did kaypo and ask the manager there. They open at 5pm and they have people start queing at 4.30pm. If you bring your kids, do becarefull as people are moving with charcoal stove.



大头啦啦煲 Dai Tao Lala

Pot C-G-6, Fortune Avenue, Block C,

Jalan Metro Perdana 3,

Taman Usahawan Kepong

Operating Hours: 5pm– 2am

Recently on and off, there are a few people who asked me do I know any place that is pet friendly I would only say Jaya One or Desa Park City eatery. Little did I know that the new kid on the block, Xiao Ming Kopitiam at Jaya One PJ and all its other branch is actually pet friendly Kopitiam. 

pet friendly cafe in pjxiao ming kopitiam jaya one
pet friendly cafe pjEatery is indeed quite cosy over here, with full blast of air con, your furry pets wont be too hot as all pets can be inside the outlet. Even more thoughtful is that they also do prepare dog leash on the wall area to keep your pet around your friendly restaurant pjpet friendly cafe klIt seems that they are Hong Kong x Local fusion food and the price is quite affordable with mains starting from RM 13.90 or even a set from RM 15.90 (1 x main + 1 x drink) cheaper than my work place set lunch at Sunway.

xiao ming kopitiam menu

Menu is actually quite extensive. I came in the evening 6.30pm and there are also some dim sum dishes available. I wanted to order their Polo Bun, but its sold out as its one of their best seller. 

xiao ming kopitiam goh tong jaya

best kopipeng in pjFor drinks we ordered,

  1. Chilled Milk Tea @ RM 7.90 will certainly suits milk tea lover. Its smooth and silky, strong tea taste.
  2. Xiao Ming Ying Yong @ RM 5.90 – stronger on the teaside and love it, smooth and slightly creamy end.
  3. Xiao Ming Kopi @ RM 4.90 – those of you love strong coffee taste, this is certainly affordable and recommended!
  4. Xiao Ming Affogato @ RM 8.90

espresso affogato

fried spam

Order Luncheon Meat Frieds for bites to start off with @ RM 15.90. Nicely fried and love the hint of saltiness from it.


Wonderland @ RM 24.90, grilled chicken chop served with cheesy tomato gravy, Taiwanese Sausage and Man tou.

The portion is actually quite above average compare to some restaurant. Chicken chop is fried nicely with crumbs just nice. Generous amount of cheese. Perfect for cheese lover. I was suprise to see that they actually serve with Taiwan Sausage which give us an extra chewyness from the plate also with Mantou. Definitely a plate like this will KO you easily.
chicken chop
cheese bake chickenIn the menu, I saw this very unique and decided to give it a try. Baked Cheesy rice with fresh mango, sweet corn and grilled chicken  @ RM 18.90.

Kinda rare combination but turns out to be better than expected. The cheese is is not even like Banjir, is more like Tsunami type. I would advise those of you order this, best advise to start sharing this portion first. A perfect dish for cheese lover. nasi lemak setIndeed this is a dish that many ways would go wrong. However, Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken Chop @ RM 15.90 is a dish certainly worth to order. Chicken is fried to perfection, nice and crispy soft inside. Rice is fragrant and the sambal of course is not the spicy type. Medium taste with mild spicy and sweetness to pair well with its rice and chicken.nasi lemak pjfried raddishFried Radish Cake @ RM 11.90. Cubes are decently cute, love the wok hei of it. Better than many other stalls out there.
DSCF4507roast pork fried riceWok Fried Siew Yuk Served with Steam Rice and Fried Egg @ RM 14.90
 caramel pudding 2  Caramel Puddingportugese egg tart pj  Waited 30 minutes for these as Xiao Ming Portugese Tart @ RM 3.99 for 1 pc, RM 6.99 for 2pc seems to be customer favourite over here. Got my hands on the new batch of just freshly baked Portugese tart out. Filling is soft and airy. Nice balance taste, crust is slightly on the hard side but its quite buttery. This tart is really down to personal preference. 

DSCF4496Certainly this is an outlet I do not mind to come back again for its comfy environment, pretty decently price and kinda good food. Easy parking also.

Best of all, long operating hours from 8am – 12am. kinda all day long modern kopitiam.xiao ming kopitiam

One of a pet friendly restaurant in KL as there are also a few Xiao Ming Kopitiam spread out in KL. or even Xiao Ming Kopitiam in Klang.


Xiao Ming KopiTiam (Jaya One PJ)

31-LG1, Block C, Jaya One,

Jln Profesor Diraja Ungku Aziz,

Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya,


Operating Time: 8 am – 12am

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