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February 2014

Farlim Shell Station Laksa @ Farlim, Penang

One of the places that whenever I am back, I would constantly drop by this place for a bowl of pippin hot laksa that is under the shade and not hot which is quite near my house. Farlim Shell Station Laksa is quite famous to this neighbourhood 15 years ago when they are the first stall to operate in front of Shell Station then follow by many food stalls came long that make it quite impressive place to dine for…

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Famous Duck Rice @ Ayer Itam Market, Penang

There is one particular place used to be so famous back then that there are a story about this owner. Those of you whom are from Penang and a regular at this place would know the story. It had been ages since I last came here and the food court here now is more clean and its more proper now as how it used to be with market fish smell. One of the famous duck rice in Ayer Itam. AS…

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Moustache Houze @ Campbell Street, Penang

One of a famous place in Penang Cafe list is this Moustache Cafe that is pretty well known for their cool place to hang out and also their dessert and not to miss their unique trademark by using moustache to take pic with as you can see it thru many Instagramers or FB wall. On that day itself I was suppose to go to this outlet then turns out to be close and they start operating at 4pm onwards thus…

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AirAsia New Breakfast Combo

Early of the year and I have seen some of my friends already start travelling and most of them fly with AirAsia and I am sure when you purchase your ticket, at times you were very doubtful on purchasing the inflight meals. One that I have tried before recently on my year end travel last year is this Pak Nassser Nasi Lemak as heard a few friends mention that the nasi lemak is good! As for now if you do travel,…

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Seoul Day 1 : Part 2 – Limburg Waffle & Coffee for Breakfast

After our first stop in the famous Cheonggyecheon river, Seoul after what that reality game show (Global We Got Married) that capture my attention and which is a must to go, then we walk about 10 minutes to reach this next destination for Deoksugung Palace Guard Changing Ceremony. As we reach this area and we were pretty hungry already and we walk around the main gate area to see what we can have for breakfast and saw this shop that sells coffee…

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Brown Pocket @ Gurney Paragon, Penang

It was Chinese New Year break and on the second day, we do not know where to go then we head into the mall as the weather out there is killing us. We need some place with air conditioned, as was heading to Gurney Paragon for a coffee session then suddenly thought of this place that my friend, Vernice insta about a very nice pancake in this mall. then quickly make the decision and hunt for it. At first it…

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