After our first stop in the famous Cheonggyecheon river, Seoul after what that reality game show (Global We Got Married) that capture my attention and which is a must to go, then we walk about 10 minutes to reach this next destination for Deoksugung Palace Guard Changing Ceremony.

waffle (1)

As we reach this area and we were pretty hungry already and we walk around the main gate area to see what we can have for breakfast and saw this shop that sells coffee and pancake and we decided to go for this, as the rest are pretty heavy.

waffle (2)

waffle (3)

waffle (4)

 Its a pretty simple menu that is only for pancakes, drinks and coffee.

waffle (5)

after I saw the guy in his little kitchen area and saw alot of Nutella, I guess its cheap in Korea.

waffle (7)

This is our simple meal to start off with, latte with love and the coffee is good, not too acidic yet mild enough to suits my taste bud yet the  milk did not over power it. Great coffee to kick start in the morning.

waffle (8)

Waffle here smells good and its done to perfection, as my order is with Maple Syrup. The Syrup is paint till shine onto the waffle and its so aromatic. Each bite is appetizing, as the base is soft yet the outer layer is slight crisp to my likings. Pair with coffee latte is just perfect!

waffle (9)

Friendly staff too, as although he speak basic English but good enough to assist us. 🙂

waffle (10)

waffle (11)

If you do pass by to visit Deoksugung Palace, you can stop by at this little outlet Limburg Waffle for a quick bite.

Deoksugung Palace
(directly next to the main entrace at the little junction)
few shops away as can be seen on the picture above with guard marching outside the palace.


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