There is one particular place used to be so famous back then that there are a story about this owner. Those of you whom are from Penang and a regular at this place would know the story. It had been ages since I last came here and the food court here now is more clean and its more proper now as how it used to be with market fish smell. One of the famous duck rice in Ayer Itam.

AS for this Ayer Itam Market its famous for 3 things. One which is the famous Laksa in the junction, follow by the Kuih Chap and the morning Market itself. At night if you are craving for nice food around the area, here is one of the place to hunt for and the hawker here starts operating after 10pm till 3-4am.

ayer itam (1)

ayer itam (2)

This is what I mean that the place here is more clean compare to last round.

ayer itam (3)

In Penang, one of a rare food I would say or its kinda hard to find in KL is this. . .

ayer itam (4)

Char Hor Fun which is a combination of thin slice Koay Teow and Mee Hoon that being cook in a huge pot first before cooking the gravy individually. This stall Hor Fun is not bad as its filled with wok hei and its something simple for late night supper. @ RM 4.50

ayer itam (5)

This is one of my favourite as its something you could not really find in KL. Hock Kien Char as each of the stall that cook this have their own version of sambal and some is spicy some is not. I love mine to be spicy with sour lime end. This stall Hock Kien Char is pretty good as its from the same uncle and cook to perfection. RM4

ayer itam (6)

In this little food court, Air Itam Duck Rice is the signature of all. As it hit pass mid night, you will see people start queuing for it as all the late crowd or early supper people is there.

ayer itam (7)

 ITs operate by both husband and wife. . AS for your order, you can choose the specific ingredient you want from Item 1-5 or you can have it all mix.

ayer itam (8)

Of course I have it all mix with Duck, Pork, Egg, Bean Curd, Intestine and Boey Chai. The flavour of it is still the same as its mix with their own home made gravy, yet duck meat is very soft and best of all is the pork with a bit half fats. One put into your mouth and slowly chew the fats is just satisfying. Surely Recommended!

IF you are looking for a late night Chinese supper place, its only left a handful place, one which is the famous Green House at Burmah Road and this Air Itam Market although its a bit far but worth the trip.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, good stuff, Recommended -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Air Itam Market
Jalan Pasar
11500 Air Itam

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  1. Have certainly heard of this place but never tried before as the operating hours are too awkward to have such heavy meals haha 😛

    • admin Reply

      hahaha..heavy meh? bring 2 friends there then share share. .. 😀

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