I guess when i first use my smart phone 2 years ago, I accidentally deteled my year 2009 and 2010 all blog pictures that got me so depress as those when I blog the most. Well, I guess when I have time I am starting to redo the whole posting including this.

One of my favourite regular spot in KL when looking for nice hawker center is this Pudu Wai Sek Kai that starts operating from 6pm ownards. As you will see slowly all the tables starting to spill out onto the street, more and more people are flocking in.

wai sek kai (1)

There are a few regular stalls that I would not miss is this. . .

wai sek kai (2)

 Famous Fried Chicken stall as when it hits at night, the queue is long.

wai sek kai (3)

 Decent pricing for a hawker fare. .

wai sek kai (4)

 Ken loves this so much as usually he will order this chicken bone 2-3  pieces to go along for his bites.

wai sek kai (5)

wai sek kai (6)

wai sek kai (7)

As that day, we skip this porridge and if you are a big fan of porridge then you should not miss this as its another famous stall that have been operating in this area for ages.

wai sek kai (8)

 This is also my favourite stall as the price is consider cheap for a place like this.

wai sek kai (9)

 You can get the ham chi peng (chinese do nut) with glutinous rice or red bean base.

wai sek kai (10)

wai sek kai (11)

wai sek kai (12)

This is the signature of this stall which is Curry Chee Cheong Fun with Pig Skin. Curry is flavourful, not too water and just nice for a simple meal. RM 2.50 for small. Recommended!

wai sek kai (13)

There are two types of Or Kuih (yam Cake) as above is the traditional ones that is filled with little dry shrimps and texture is more soft and slightly goie. Its a recommended one.

wai sek kai (14)

The classic are simple with yam base and filled with sweet sauce and top with some sesame seed.

wai sek kai (15)

 Famous Taukua Bakar with squid roll ..

wai sek kai (16)

After its being toast on the bbq pit, Tau Kua  is being stuff with cucumber and sengkuang along with shirmp paste and squid roll. Dence in taste yet its very addictive. RM 15 for a plate like this.

wai sek kai (17)

This is more towards Penang flavour as this famous Char Koey Kak will hit a long queue when the night comes. Do not buy when its first few plates as the wok do not have the wok hei yet as it will taste pretty bland.

wai sek kai (18)

A simple plate of Kuih Kak with egg now cost RM 4 which is no longer cheap yet its a soon to be extinct food as not many places are doing this any more including Penang. I have to agree that this taste pretty much nearer to Penang compare to the rest as the cook himself are from Penang.

Looking for nice decent place of hawker besides the crowded area of Jalan Alor, then this would be an alternative. Food price ranges from RM 2 – RM 20. One of my favourite place and recommended.

Pudu Wai Sek Kai
Hawker center at Jalan Sayur
off Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3135208, 101.713051


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