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May 2015

Rojak Lok Lok @ Bandar Baru, Ayer Itam, Penang

I guess I am like a foreigner now, as over the years, I did not know that my housing area actually do have quite a well known Rojak lok lok stall. Operate by a couple and I do pity them as when I first discover them, they are in their food truck (pasar malam version) which park infront of Toto Farlim. Then they got warn by the council and move to the location as below . . . When last…

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Cat in the Box @ Empire Damansara

You know, it is fun to see a business grow is like seeing a child growing up. It all started back in The School by Jaya One where Cat in The Box started the mall whereby they just started to operate in a small area in an outlet. Even though they are hidden like like their name is, people still do manage to find them and till date, there are still customers come to the mall area to look for…

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Best Korean BBQ – Sae Ma Gul BBQ @ Solaris, Mont Kiara, KL

Korean food. How many of you are a fan of Korean Food? It had been quite a while since I discover this place where I rate one of my top Korean BBQ to visit. Operate by Korean couple, and their crowd is mostly Korean’s before slowly locals discover this place. [close down since Aug 2018] Love the vibe of this place where it makes me feel like I am eating in Korea where most of the crowd are speaking in…

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Strangers at 47 @ Section 17

I guess now after coffee trend, it have move to infuse with something sweet. You can see quite alot of new dessert shop are popping up. However Strangers at Forty7 had made a mark for themselves by specializing in crepes from savory to dessert. There are no strangers, only friends we havent met. Interesting quote whereby I think it had capture many peoples attention on this. Also read up some of other blog sites mention on the name came across…

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Cloudy Bay – Duck & Seafood Wine Trail

Cloudy Bay a wine from New Zealand had put a mark in my heart when it comes to wine recommendation to my friends. A wine that is very easy to drink for all occasions from all their range. Got to know this brand 2 years ago when I first came to their wine tasting and years had pass. This year 2015 also mark their 30th year of wine quality and pedigree that will soon release a rare back-vintage wine that carefully…

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Boozeat is Everyone’s Personal Celebration

If you do remember New Kids on The Block was one of a famous pop group back in the 90’s and constantly many have use the term to refer to many new potential upcoming public figure or businesses. One I could say is Boozeat is one of them that will ensure your booze is reach to your door step with their free delivery concept. Boozeat with their personal touch whereby it is Everyone’s Personal Celebration. In our modern society, how…

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