Closing year 2014 by flying over to Hong Kong to attend my friends wedding. Knowing Hong Kong is another food paradise, I did dive into Google and start looking for all authentic local places that I have miss and also by asking Bangsarbabe on where is her recommendation. She also did mention, it would be very worth wile to experience on a Michelin Star restaurant, since Malaysia does not have any. I pick a few and ask my Hong Kong friend as I was very keen in trying Chinese Cuisine in Michelin star and all my picks were shot down whereby they mention it would be a waste of money to spend that kind of amount for those menu. Then I dig further till I found this restaurant  L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon which is recommended by many prominent oversea bloggers. Was told to book at least 7-10 days in advance and through enough, it had to be that duration as I book less than 5 days thru their email before I fly and I am in their waiting list.

L'Atelier (1)

One of the reason why I am on waiting list is this is that this restaurant had been awarded three Michelin stars by the MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong and Macau for three consecutive years.

L'Atelier (2)

Upon reaching on the lobby, greeted professionally by the reception and was told to wait for  a while at the reception and checking for availability, as in my heart hoping there will be some drop out for the lunch and lucky enough, there were a couple that drop out in the morning.

L'Atelier (3)

The decor of this outlet is based on the inspired decor from Tokyo  with its design contemporary chic featuring lush red velvet seating complemented by dark wood furniture.

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I was advise to book L’Atlier instead of LE’Jardin as I would enjoy more at L’Atlier where all diners can watch the chef in action in the open kitchen, just like watching Hell’s Kitchen.

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L'Atelier (6)

L'Atelier (7)

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Menu is pretty straight forward as its seasonal. Love their wine range too.

L'Atelier (9)

L'Atelier (10)

Since I have not tried before Portugal wine, decided to go with this for a start – Alvarinho, Poema, Portugal 2007. Love the refreshing taste with mild acidity.


L'Atelier (11)

Moments after that, there is a basket of fresh bread for me to start off with. A proper introduction with at least 7 different types of breads are available in the basket and I love all of them. Nearly finish the whole basket by myself.

L'Atelier (14)

Order the 4 course set lunch at HKD 588 and from the menu, my first dish I choose L’Aubergine – Fine Eggplant cream, seasonal vegetable and tuna confit. After looking at my neighbor La Saint – Jacques I regretted that I did not order that as the scallop that they give, its nearly as big as a small espresso cup and at least 3 pieces.

L'Atelier (13)

Was told by the introduce to try this first as the taste is mild before heading to my tuna. Amazing enough, I am above to taste the light sourish taste and love the jelly texture to end it. Something new to me.

L'Atelier (15)

L'Atelier (16)

As where I am seated, I am looking at this professional grill chef section taking care of scallop at a precise time and other dishes. Impress!

L'Atelier (17)

L'Atelier (18)

L'Atelier (20)

L'Atelier (21)

For soup I order LA Chataigne – Chesnut “veloute” with bacon and onion foam.

L'Atelier (22)

L'Atelier (23)

L'Atelier (24)

I guess I am over excited in this restaurant till I read the set menu wrongly whereby I thought I am able to order fishes side only that ended up me ordering Les Spaghettis – Maine Lobster spaghettis and coral emulation whereby their signature for this season menu is Le Cochon Iberique – Roasted Iberico pork “Pluma”with brocolli puree and hazelnut.

L'Atelier (25)

L'Atelier (26)

L'Atelier (27)

L'Atelier (28)

Ending my dessert with selection of La Poire – Cinnamon pear compote with carameal ice cream.

L'Atelier (29)

L'Atelier (30)

L'Atelier (32)

I totally forgot that I have their last set which is cafe ou the et ses mignardises – coffee/tea with confectioneries.

L'Atelier (33)

Love their coffee as its a special blend, blue mountain coffee and infuse with their own homemade cognac caramel syrup. AS you drink in, it is quite acidic for the long black, however once you have added in the cognac caramel, it have totally change the body texture to creamy, aromatic and turn to a perfect cup of coffee.

L'Atelier (31)

L'Atelier (34)

L'Atelier (35)

I enjoyed the whole experience as I find that the portion is pretty generous for such a price tag at HKD 800++ for set lunch .

It is encourage to make your reservation 3-4 weeks in advance as it is constantly fully book. You can make the reservation here. 



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