I guess I am like a foreigner now, as over the years, I did not know that my housing area actually do have quite a well known Rojak lok lok stall. Operate by a couple and I do pity them as when I first discover them, they are in their food truck (pasar malam version) which park infront of Toto Farlim. Then they got warn by the council and move to the location as below . . .

rojak (1)

When last week I went back (May 21) they have move again as their new operation area which is directly opposite, (right infront of Genting Kopitiam – Farlim) at the moment. Hope that they would not move again.

For this version instead of the typical lok lok car, where you see hot boiling soup at the side and you choose all the raw ingredient to cook along it, this is where you pick your fruits then you chose the rojak gravy that you want. What I mean is Spicy or non spicy?

rojak (2)

rojak (3)

Variety of fruits for you to choose from, just like instead of a rojak that premix everything for you, you are now the mini chef to mix and match what you would want to eat. Each skewers are price from RM 0.80 – RM 2 (depending on what ingredient you take)

rojak (4)

rojak (5)

If you love spicy, do prepare to be numb, drench in sweat and tears keep dripping. Its super spicy and usually I mix it with the one without spicy to get the mild spicy taste.

rojak (6)

Usually I would spend around RM 5 here with at least 5-10 skewers.

rojak (7)

Since their existing, other vendors, slowly joining the task force. One of the guy that park next to him previously is this uncle that sells laksa, follow by a food truck opposite that sells Soya Bean and the latest addition is Fried Oyster.

rojak (8)

rojak (9)

To eat in this stall, its a very typical road side concept whereby you are given only a chair, you have to hold your bowl and eat, like what the uncle is doing.

rojak (10)

For me, to make it look more concept, I borrow their umbrella foundation rock to be my mini table. How’s the taste. Its quite mild in taste that doesnt give you the extra punch, mild sourish and if you are craving for one, you can close one eye and enjoy it. 😀

rojak (11)

oh well, I basically just eat nearly anything. Bon Appetite.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, one of my fav. Recommended! ~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Lintang Angsana, Bandar Baru Ayer Itam 11500,
Penang (right in front of ToTo and Magnum 4D).
(now they have move right infront of Genting Kopitiam as at May 2015)

Business Hour: 12pm to 7pm
(will finish earlier if their business is good on that particular day);
Closed on every Monday and Thursday.


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