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Located along the most populous stretch of restaurants in Empire Damansara – Jekyll & Hyde.

A structured interior with brick walls, dark and mahogany-toned furnishings, dimly-lit lightings and with some of European-looking artwork on the wall. It was drizzling then pouring while I was there and I was seated on a metal framed chair for a good 2 hours – I felt cold, very cold.

jackly 1

With a name like that, I was really hoping for a meal along the lines of Charlie Chaplin One City Mall. Expectations – good Western food with a flair of its own. We tried out some of their signature dishes that evening.

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For appetizers, we shared the Duck Cigar (Rm15). Four rolls of crispy popiah-wrapped skin with duck confit fillings, served with a sweet fruit sauce. If there’s one word I can use to describe this dish – dry. Only order if you’re a die hard duck-fan.

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We also shared the Grilled chicken Salad & Guacamole (Rm22), served with balsamic dressing. I really enjoyed the guacamole – it was smooth and sweet, adding a subtle flavors to the overall dish. However I felt that the salad, on its own, were very flat.

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Next, we tried the much talked about BBQ Pork Ribs (Rm32). You’d get five, addictive and succulent ribs glazed with Hickory Smoked BBQ sauce.

jackly 5

The Duck Confit (Rm32) was a surprising delight. Perhaps it’s my biasness towards everything-duck, but this confit of duck leg on carrot puree was delectable. The meat had a nice chew to it and those fried onion shreds – were addictive.

jackly 6

Lastly, we had the Pan Seared Butter Fish (Rm32), which was also my least favorite of today’s meal. The flesh didn’t flaked nicely and the skin was just dull and soggy.

Overall, I thought the food here was alright but lacking – heart, far from being hearty and comforting.


Jekyll & Hyde
G19, Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana

(5 doors away from Boat Noodle)

Operating Hours: 10am – 11pm – Daily, except Mondays for now


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