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January 2012

Penang Best 888 Hokkien Mee (Prawn Noodle) @ Lebuh Presgrave, Penang

Penang is already famous for its street food and many other hawkers center are famous to outstation crowd and some are famous among the locals, as once the word spread, the hawker center will enjoy brisk business. One of the hidden gem for Hokkien Mee that I have been hunting for the past few months that often close and now they have reopen back is this 888 Hokkien Mee Stall which is located on Lebuh Presgrave (Sah Tiau Loh –…

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Movie Review: I love Hong Kong 2012 & Journey 2 the Mysterious Island (3-D)

Other CNY Movie I have watched.. (Click here) Genre: Comedy Another following succesfull well receive movie I love Hong Kong 2011 and here comes I Love Hong Kong 2012. Another Chinese New Year movie. I Find that this year chinese NEw Year movie is all about Family values, to love and treasure those who are around you. AS this movie saying that the super rich tycoon in Hong Kong are doing a fake short film to lie to all the…

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Win a Vespa worth RM 10,988.15 with CELCOM

Remember my previous post on Celcom Talk-A-Thon that started from 5th December 2011 to 31st March 2012?? That you just need to make 3 extra calls per day on top of their normal call trend to stand a chance to win numerous prizes. (click here on my previous post on Talk-A-Thon) To-date, 46 winners were identified nationwide and few winners who are able to make it today will receive an exclusive Vespa LX150 that worth RM 10,988.15 Congrats to those…

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Movie Review: Viral Factor, Ah Beng The Movie : Three Wishes & All Wells End Wells 2012

Genre: Action/ Drama Another action pack movie from Danta Lam that this round field 2 famous cast Nicholas Tze and Jay Chou in Viral Factor. A story that bring two of them together that since child they were both seperated as the mom bring Jay Chou off from the hard core gambling dad and left Nicholas Tze behind. Since then, Jay Chou had become a cop and Nicholas Tze had become a bandit in Malaysia. A film that shot 70%…

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Happy Chinese New Year to all of you~

Another year had pass and now we are ushering year 2012 Chinese New Year and I just cant believe that time flies~ I would like to wish all of you: Happy Chinese New Year for the year of Dragon and wish every one of you prosperous, good health and HUATTT ahhh~!~!~…

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Absolut Vodka Cocktail @ Ecobar

Few days ago went to Absolut Vodka event that held in Ecobar. A event which is truly unique by itself. How many of you have not heard about this brand before? Well, usually I love to see the shelf of Vodka in airport as constantly they do have their limited edition bottle of flavour, and I do collect their limited edition if by chance I came back from travel, till date I have collected 7 different flavours and bottles. Besides that, its…

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