One of our favourite cooking dish when back in Uni days in Melbourne. Totally forgot out to cook this and lets re-start this again. We used to buy 5-10 packs of A1 curry chicken paste back for home cooking. Re-starting my Chin Chai cooking again during this MCO of 30 minutes quick cook on Malaysia Curry Chicken Recipe.

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Platting: up to you loh, how nice you want to plate it.

video prep at the bottom.

curry chicken recipe (1)

Because of MCO, I only use what ingredients available in my house at the moment.


  1. Potato  – 750g
  2. Chicken – 800g
  3. onion slices – 85g
  4. fine cut onion – 80g
  5. garlic – 30g
  6. A1 Curry Chicken paste 1 pack. (if you want more fragrant thicker gravy, then use 2 packs)

curry chicken recipe (2)

curry chicken recipe (3)

curry chicken recipe (4)

my cooking method:

  1. bit of oil into the pan (if measured estimated 4 tbs) make sure the pan is hot first.
  2. add in garlic quick stir fry of 30 seconds of garlic dig all the paste out
  3. stir fried the paste only for 5 minutes till it sting your nose (means it is ready)
  4. add in onion, stir fry it till all well coated
  5. Then add in chicken by pieces (as I do not want the chicken water into it)

curry chicken recipe (5)

curry chicken recipe (6)

curry chicken recipe (7)

6. Stir fry till the paste all well coated onto the chicken

7. Best to add in water 3/4 of the chicken (or estimated 600-700ml water)

curry chicken recipe (8)

Shimmer the chicken for 10 minutes in high heat. Then it is ready to serve. Do note to test your cooking in between the time frame. Bacause I add in too much water, I add in 2 pinch of sugar, 1 table spoon of soy sauce and 1 tea spoon of Korean spicy chili flakes.

curry chicken recipe (9)

curry chicken recipe (10)

Scramble egg just for the side to make it fusion.

curry chicken recipe (11)

30 minutes cook recipe for your quick curry chicken.

curry chicken recipe (12)

If your curry chicken become thicken’s then it is not right. Curry chicken suppose to have the curry gravy slightly watery or 20% thick.

What yo use in my video is I have done wrong.

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