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Setia Walk, Puchong is known by many people as one of a main place to hang out especially at night as the area is filled with alot of F&B area to cater for your needs ranging from cheap food to fancy restaurant. Not only that as with their recent China theme concept in their food court also created a buzz in there.

If this place is not too far from where I stay, then it would turn out to be one of my hang out spot too. Well, one of the place that I recently tried do make up its expectation as I have heard about this brand before. Its actually a mix feedback and as for now they have 2 outlets in total. First outlet in Oasis Ara Damansara and this is second at Setia Walk Puchong.

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As you walk pass Bad Boys Cook, you will have the impression that it its another pretty expensive restaurant to walk in and to my surprise that they are offering cheap eats.

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Food ranging from RM 6 and above is something I am not expecting with this kind of design and set up. Then you can have a few add ons after that if you find that the portion is small for you.

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Loved the old 70’s style of Americian Rock & Rool concept with checkers flooring. What they are lacking is only a jukebox is some corner to bring it more feel.

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In this concept, then one of a drink that must have in a menu which is Milkshake. Truely they have that range and this Affogato Shake is highly recommended by me as at RM 8, its a good deal. Thick in taste yet smooth, not too sweet that the coffee did not overpower the taste of the blended milk and ice cream. In this hot day, this is surely a glass worth to satisfy the thirst.

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Chili Nachos, @ RM 6 is hand-cut corn chips topped with chili beef is something worth to order.

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I am in love with their Bad Boy Mashed potatoes as its smooth texture is one of the winning taste then topy with their home made gravy with 4 types for you to choose from.. If you love it worth the order and anyway, I did went back next day with my friends for this and the milk shake turns out to be good too. @ RM4

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This servings might smells that they put alot of Tobasco sauce to season it as it smells like that to me. Well,  Bad Boy Wings, will certainly turn your face red and tongue a bit numb as they are slightly more spicy yet its very additctive. Sour spicy enough and the chicken is fried to perfection. Best advise to pair along with beer. Amazing!  @ RM 6

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Chili Fries with thick cut fries topped with their signature chili beef and cheese sauce. @ RM 6

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Tempura Mushrooms @ RM 5

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Bad Boy Caesar @ RM8 classic caesar salad where you can enjoy classic romaine lettuce with boiled egg, beef bacons and parmesan cheese. 

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Another option can be Bad Boy Eggy Tuna. A plateful of mixed green salad leaves, tuna chunks, and hard boiled eggs! @ RM 8

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I look down on this dish upon serving and it did kill me off with its simplicity of it. The Slaw Dog with chicken sausage topped with wasabi coleslaw and cheddar cheese,is the taste that impress me as the coleslaw pairs so well with it. Do give it a try @ RM 9

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Tempura Fish @ RM10

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There are alot burger joints that offer nice burgers there, as in this outlet, their burger is quite impressive with how sloappy it is and gravy that topped in it. Definitely your hand is going to be messy yet its worth to be in that way.  as my  Sloppy BB is filled with their signature sauce and top with decent patty as at the price of RM13 I have no complain at all. Option you can choose Fire Bird @ RM 9 (chicken breast with spicy chili mayo, cheese, tomato and slaw).

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Burgers, hot dog and other stuff not your type then you can choose their western corner. Tempura Fish – lightly tempura-battered fish fillet, or  Grilled Fish as alternative as the dory fillet char grilled with garlic butter and herbs.   @ RM12

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Follow with Grilled Lamb @ RM19 or Cajun Chicken @ RM12

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For their burger portion, if you do not like with bread then this is the alternative that serve with Beef Patty & Mash @ RM13

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Their Spaghetti range is pretty simple and straight forward Al Funghi with Beef Bacon @ RM9 or  Chili Olio with Egg @ RM8 as my preference.

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To end your meal with a sweet temptation then Bad Boy Madness will stuff you up as at RM19, this huge dessert is serve with banana, chocolate brownies, cookie and ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and cream and sprinkled with a chocolate chips and colorful sprinkles. The Ice cream serve is really huge and 8 of us could not finish this.

Find it pretty worth to dine here with the kind of price that they are charging. Not bad to give it a try as they are only in operation for less than 4 months. Hopefully they remain their consistancy.


Bad Boy Cooks @ Setiawalk, Puchong
Inside Setiawalk, behind Beer Factory.
Tel no: +6 03 – 5891 1206


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  1. the pricing is not bad. been there before. love their double BB with chili beef!

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