There are variety of Korean dessert available in Klang Valley now. One of the latest Korean dessert Beans n Beans which instantly move up into my Korean dessert list. Not much different with other players, they have bingsu, warm food and other interesting mocktails.

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Ordering system is more like Starbucks where you order from the counter, pick up then seat at your seating choices.

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Comfortable seating area and many places for insta worthy as if you are creative enough, you can borrow some of the props on the rack.

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They do sell some merchandise and also Korean snack

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Price wise, they are quite reasonable as to compare to others out there.

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If you want something refreshing in our hot days, then go for their Sparkling Pink Grapefruit. Marinated with a little twist overnight and serve with soda to give you the refreshing buzz. Filled with Grapefruit pulp at the bottom and I finish this glass quite instantly. – Recommended. @ RM 14.60

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For warm food, we had Chicken Bulgogi Sandwich @ RM 15.90. Love the marination and sauces of Bulgogi. Not too strong yet pairs well with some light dressing on the top and it is a great sandwich for some quick bite.

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Croque Monsieur @ RM 15.90

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IF you are a cheese lover, then this Croque Monsieur would be your perfect choices. Generous with ingredients that easily filled your stomach after finishing the whole piece as it topped with 3 layers of bread.

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If you love something different and willing to explore, then I would highly recommending this Injulmi Honey (Muar Chi texture). It is a Korean dessert muar chi base sandwich, topped with peanut powder, almond flakes, where muar chi is warm, chewy and quite a good combination of flavours. Advise to share with your friends as some of you might find the texture do not suite your palate as I find it quite good.

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Choco Bingsu top in the list as one of their best seller. Chocolate craze fans will love this as it is filled with chocolate powder, chocolate pieces, cookies and almond flakes. Every bite is filled with chocolate. @ RM 17.80

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My typical preference is their Kongi Bingsu (soy Base). I love anything with Soy base.  @ RM 16.80

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Greentea Bingsu is  my next favourite as I love the taste of it. Not too strong yet pairs well with it. @ RM 17.80

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Beans N Beans bingsu currently top in my bingsu list as it leans towards milky and very snowy texture, soft yet melt in your mouth type.

What to order for first timer: Green Tea Bingsu, Injulmi Honey (Muar Chi texture), Chicken Bulgogi Sandwich, Pink Grapefruit, Sparkling Pink Grapefruit.

Beans n Beans
A-01-03, Damen USJ1, No.1,
Persiaran Kewajipan, 47600 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia
(shop lot – exit thru Lim Kopi that entrance – turn left)

Phone: +60 3-5886 2955

Operating Hours:
Daily : 11am – 12am


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