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Big bunch of tandori chicken in process bbq’ing.

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They were bbq under this custome made pit that able to stick the nan on the wall and also the chicken.

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The chicken were taken care of beautifully

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This was recommended by the chef himself that they don usually offer it every day. Mutton Kebab @ RM4 that you have to squeeze the lime to make it a bit jucy and pull up the aroma of it. For those who hates some strong mutton taste, I would not recommend you to order this that mix with a some spices in it.

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When I order, I was told to order 2 or 3 pieces as 1 would not be enough, when I had place the first bite only realise that it is one of the best of all that I have eaten for Tendori Chicken, that had been bbq till the meat is soft, juicy inside out and squeeze the lime to ooze out the best of it as I have 3 pieces of it.. a MUST order! – Recommended!

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Something that you love to eat along is Keema Peas @ RM4 when you order your nan. Cook thick in texture, a bit more vegetarian feel but I kinda like it.

tandori (10)

Another best dish that you must order to eat along with nan is this ‘Mutton Masala’ @ RM 4 with thick taste of mutton, not too spicy taste of curry and mutton meat had been mince till small pieces and dip it along with nan is perfect!

tandori (11)

Another must order item in the stall is this ‘Garlic Nan’ that has strong hint of garlic been painted with butter to ensure the aromatic taste blend wells with the garlic and the whole nan is shinny and a bit wattery with butter. Good! RM3.50

tandori (12)


During this rainy night, we also decided to try out the Malay stall ‘Laksa’ turns out to be not bad, thick in soup base and I love it that served with shredded fish meat. Worth a try.

After got to know this place and with the price tag they have, definitely I will be going there again and again . Indeed one of the best chicken tandori stall in KL.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 10/10, VERY good ah~ Recommended~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Location :
Tandoori stall next to Galeri Guitar
Directly opposite Ampang Point and near Empire Furniture Gallery and SSF
Off Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur

Open daily from 7pm onwards

Tel: 012-354 5624 Arumugam

GPS : N3 09.434 E101 45.011 or look for POI Plaza Perabot Empire

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  1. This is over publicity lah!! I went there all the way from old Klang road to try thr Tandoor chicken and the Naan.. first thing… that turn me down.. the place not clean at all, the owner is not there,, but the big long hair guy are there,, the staff there not very friendly..
    well never mind, but the tandoor chicken,, I had better… chicken than this lah!!! the naan was tasteless.. the source like a glue…So what is good there!!! those who give good comment,, I dont know why!!!

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