Last Sunday, I was introduce to this brand new place for super late lunch where the original intention was,to eat healthy. By the name of the restaurant,  Botanica + Co, Restaurant & Bar, attracted me with a perception that it is going to be a healthy joint. This restaurant is actually one of a new residence in this newly completed building at The Verticals, Bangsar South.

Bo + Co (2)

They are operating 2 different concept side by side where Botanica Deli serve sandwich, soup and coffee, as I will explore on that side of it where the menu looks pretty interesting.

Digging more info, this both outlet is actually lead by a Singaporean Chef.

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In love with Botanica & Co interior design where they have both bar seating area and also normal dining area where they have 2 tress inside the outlet to make you feel like dining in a garden. Great place to hang out for coffee or a chat.

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We kick off our late lunch with The Bo+Co Truffle Fries @ RM 24 – crispy USA shoe string fries tossed with truffle oil & grated Parmesan cheese. It smells good at first and however we were confuse after that where the fries tasted normal, and cheese is infuse with truffle oil, seems like they put it the other way round from the description.

Bo + Co (8)

Since we going to have Italian food the next day, so we decided to try out The Botanica Burger @ RM 36 – Home – made All beef patty, served with steak fries, mushroom ragout, melted Cheddar, mustard mayo, onion rings in a toasted bun.

Bo + Co (9)

Overall, we both find that they are rooms for improvement on the burger, where the meat is still abit lose as you can see that the meat is falling off, with description on the item did match my imagination such as onion rings in a toasted bun where my perception the onion rings will be inside the bun (or please pardon me on my understanding of English.). No doubht that the portion is quite genrous with thick patty but for RM 36, I sure do expect more where I think TGI/ Chili beats them easily.

Bo + Co (10)

Bo + Co (11)

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With 2 items are down from my expectation, and was curious why my soup is coming after those 2 dishes were serve only realise that my soup do have a puff pastries (where in the menu should put in takes 10-15 minutes). For their Slipper Lobster Bisque @ RM 20 – a creamy rich broth of slipper lobster and seafood with puff pastries on the top do smells amazing.

After slicing thru the puff, it has the nice aroma of buttery smell where it would have been more perfect to sit in the oven for about 2-4 minutes more to allow the inner parts of the pastries to form out better. After digging the soup out, I am totally impress with the silky smooth soup texture, where it is a huge bonus point. Love the aroma of it where it is pungent enough that you can taste the sweetness of both shell and seafood, creaminess of it hit right on the spot. This would stay one of my recommended soup to be in my list for Lobster bisque. 

Bo + Co (13)

Bo + Co (14)

After disappointment of some dishes, we decided to try out their desserts. Looking at next table where they did not finish their cake where we believe is Banana Butter Scotch cake, we then try out their Mango Meringue Pie @ RM 16 & Rum and Raisins Milkshake @ RM 29

Bo + Co (15)

The mango meringue pie was a let down where the crust is too thick, and the mango puree had harden where it do not give you the fresh impression that I had in my mind. The good side is, their meringue is done to perfection where the smoothness and sweetness of it is top notch where the colour of it is burn to perfection.

For Rum & Raisin, the amount of Rum is quite prominent and for RM 29, I would  not mind to pay for cocktail as top up.

Bo + Co (16)

Oh well, I believe this restaurant is still rather new where they still do need time to improve. We also believe we order the wrong item in the menu where, most of other customers order their spaghetti and also realize that they are more well know for their salad.

Would advise, to ask the waiter recommendations. 🙂

*Pork Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 5.5/10, need time to further improve ~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Botanica + Co
The Verticals, Ground Floor Podium, Jalan Kerinchi,
Bangsar South, 59200 Kuala Lumpur
(opposite NExus building)

Tel: +60 16-965 6422

Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday : 11.30am – 10pm
Saturday – Sunday: 9.30am – 10pm

Botanica + Co Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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  1. Andus Yeap Reply

    This looks very much like PS Cafe Dempsey Hill..
    but truly amazed by the design, simple and cozy…

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