It was weekend. Craving for Creamy Mushroom Soup. Then ended up googling How to make creamy mushroom Recipe. Have not cook before and saw a mushroom soup recipe which is quite interesting. I make a tweak on the recipe and mine is for 2-3 pax.

mushroom soup

cream of mushroom recipe

ingredient for mushroom soup

herbs for mushroom soup

1. 3 types of different mushroom (as you like) – all half box portion
– Tuscan Fields White Button Mushroom
– Tuscan Fields Brown Button Mushroom
– Cameron mushroom (best with some shitake mushroom)
2. Emborg cooking Cream 1 small box
3. fresh parsley
4. fresh thyme 3 stalk
5. 1 medium size onion (depending you like onion)
6. garlic (1-2 table spoon)
7. Emborg cooking butter
8. 1 cube chicken stock
9. 100ml – 200ml (depends on your liking of water level)
10. Flour optional (cuz I do not have it) I saw recipe to make it slight creamy (maybe abit corn starch as replacement)

mushroom spaghetti

Cooking method:
1. Put in butter if you like buttery or less. Depending on your preference
2. mix with some olive oil
3. add in garlic and onions, stir fry medium fire till soft and light brown
4. Add in Thyme & Mushroom
5. Stir fry till all soft and shrink 1/3 mushroom size (about 3-5 minutes – depending on your wok and fire)
6. Add in chicken stock + 150 ml water slowly add in (depending you want your soup thick or watery) – add in more water if you feel you want more
7. Shimmer for 10-15 minutes
8. Add in Emborg cooking cream 1 box
9. Add in some fresh chopped parsley
10. Stir stir make it all even. leave it 3 minutes shimmer then ready to serve
11. option of flour/ corn starch to add in to make it thicker or creamer ( I am thinking of substitute full cream milk will be my next try)
12. Add in some black pepper before serve or after serve
13. Scoop and ready to serve.

mushroom soup recipe



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