La Gomera (5)

La Gomera (6)

This is the effect of being late. Please be tehre early to enjoy most of the food.

La Gomera (7)

With lobster salad available also, as the guy replanish second plate for us, we felt that they replace it with prawns but did not know is it exactly lobster meat on the first plate. . .

La Gomera (8)

Fresh prawns. . .

La Gomera (9)

A series of Spanish Food Section.

La Gomera (10)

One of my favourite Pastel De Pollo – Potata Chicken.

La Gomera (11)

Among the range of all, these four I find it pretty nice and if we do come early and eat it fresh would be better. Some of it is abit dry when I took it as the buffet start from 5.30pm.

La Gomera (12)

Soups of the day were Mushroom Soup and Seafood Soup.

La Gomera (14)

Then walk over to another session you will be impress with what they have to offer.

La Gomera (13)

When we were seated down, on our table stand menu there are 4 clips available and the purpose of it is for us to drop the clip into this bowl on these section with many types of food is available, Pizzas, Oyster, German Sausages, Teppanyaki.

La Gomera (15)

Cakes Section did not impress me.

La Gomera (16)

Drinks section and the Lime Juice is good. That was my choice for the night, which is refreshing and thick.

La Gomera (17)

In our vouchure we were given a free plate of Seafood Platter (Zuzuela). Its a bit sour and spicy and we like the flavour of it. Seafood we alright and definately no complain on this, with clams, squids, prawns, mussels and fish.

La Gomera (18)

If you were dining in there, just do not miss to dip any fried items with this great homemade chili sauce.

La Gomera (19)

The range of Spanish food from the spanish area turns out to be good. Meatballs, lamb meat, and chicken.

La Gomera (20)


La Gomera (21)

I read on a few blogs, this were one of the recommended dish for the restaurant and its no doubt that its  a recommendation from me also. They purposely did it for us as it was finish for the first round and this second round, the rice is fragrant, and a bit damp with their own sauce and its sweet with some of the seafood that soak in it. Do aim for this but for the first plate we tried out its very salty and this second is good!

La Gomera (23)

From the other section. Grill Lamb.

La Gomera (24)

Cheeze Oyster, Fresh Oyster and Salmon, one clip for one.

La Gomera (25)

Italian range.

La Gomera (26)

German Sausage.

La Gomera (27)

Fried items

For the deal we are paying for RM29.90 nett definitely is value for money and the food quality there serve, is not bad but do bare in mind that the quality of taste definitely varies as we did try some of the first session left over and replenish food for us on second session, I ask the guy not to waste food as we were the only crowd for second session.

If you are looking for this promotion, there are quite a lot of website doing promotion for this restaurant. What you need to do is just hit on Google and just the La Gomera Promotion and list of searches will be out. Some Expired and some still on going. We did had our share here.

Normal Price is RM59.90

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10,quite okay ah~  -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

La Gomera Spanish Buffet & Dining,
Block E-LG-1 & 2, Neo Damansara,
Jalan PJU 8/1, Damansara Perdana, PJ.

For reservations, call 03-7710 0262

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  1. ok all those foods at that price is really really something u cannot miss! lol i saw the cheesy oyster, wondering how it taste. gud? 🙂

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