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Famous Hong Kong Dessert Hui Lau Shan (許留山) @ 1-Utama (Old-Wing)

by Taufulou

Over quite sometime there are many Hong Kong dessert that open and close down to the extend some of it are very good ones and I often wonder how come no one took this franchise Hoi Lau Shan that serve superb mango dessert in many version. Guess what?!! Finally one of the best Hong Kong dessert Hoi Lau Shan had put a step in Malaysia and 1-Utama being their first outlet.

I am very sure many of you that travel to Hong Kong will be familiar with this brand as its nearly available every where, something like our bubble tea Taiwan version. I rarely miss this dessert as everytime I went to Hong Kong upon arrival at the air port I would wallop 2-3 cups of these dessert before I take my public transportation. If you are a dessert lover then you would not want to miss it~

Hoi Lau San (1)

Now most Malaysians need not travel to Hong Kong to take this dessert anymore as it available here now, located at first floor in front of Isetan at 1-Utama Old Wing. Its just a few days old and well, I just cant resist the temptation and faster came here to satisfy my crave hoping that what is serve here would be something similar to the ones in Hong Kong. Besides that, if I remember correctly those branches in Hong Kong do not have the word healthy dessert…hmmm , I guess here they serve healthy ones?

As I was sitting and happily place my order, many of passerby checking out their menu and many are skeptical on their dessert. .

Hoi Lau San (2)

Standing there and stare blankly then walk away.

Hoi Lau San (3)

Its more like a kiosk style that smack right in the middle of the new old wing and its pretty hard for you to miss this huge orange sign board.

Hoi Lau San (4)

Menu are the same compare to the ones in Hong Kong as I have just return there 2 months ago . .

Hoi Lau San (5)

As I browse thru the menu one thing that caught my attention so hard is the pricing here, I would that that it cost a bomb to order and didnt know that it is so cheap here. A simple bowl of these dessert cost from RM9.90 onwards? OMG! In Hong Kong the ones that I usually order cost about HKD 48 = RM 24 per bowl here and I can say its at least 55% cheaper here!!!

Hoi Lau San (6)

Staring at the menu, I happily ordered all my favourites and to my disappointment one of my favorite which is with pamelo is out of stock as according to their waiter, he apologize as they are just a few days old and will restock very soon.

Hoi Lau San (6.3)

Mango Juice & Mango Cube – Mango Jelly @ RM 7.90. I usually had 2 cups of these that filled with thick freshly blend mango, top with mango cubes and jelly at the bottom, that makes me slurppp non stop of this. Surprisingly, the taste is like 80% similiar just that its not so sweet compare to the ones in Hong Kong.

Hoi Lau San (7)

Mango Icey Sweetie Ball @ RM 11.90 with freshly blend mango puree, mango cubes and glutinous ball. As near to Hong Kong version itself the glutinous ball is near to pretty hard not like our Malaysian version which is soft and chewy. Some of you might not like it.

Hoi Lau San (8)

One of the thing that you must not miss is this Fresh Mango Mochi @ RM 4.90 for 3 pieces

Hoi Lau San (9.0)

Skin over here is a bit thick yet its still soft that is made from mango and its shove with one huge chunk of mango cubes inside and outer layer is rube with coconut. One of my favourite and for RM4.90 I what 9 of these. Satisfying!

Hoi Lau San (11)

Triple Mango Delight @ RM 9.90

Hoi Lau San (12)

Filled with mango Ice cream, mango cubes, and a layer of mango pudding. The pudding tasted a bit artificial but well, I still enjoy my dessert.

If I get to order my Mango with Pamelo, it would be a perfect order yet nevertheless it is indeed satisfying for the price we are paying.

Upon what I eat today is my recommended list and if you like try others it should be fine, but not too miss these few as I mention to start off with . .

Last round in Hong Kong me and Ken (foodpoi.com) both of us whack this dessert with similiar amount cost us about RM120 which is near whopping HKD 250 just for these dessert itself and now for tonight I pay about RM50 for this whole package! Even my malay friends that went to Hong Kong they enjoy these dessert very much and ta pau mochi back for their parents!

Definately I am coming for more with its price being offered here. Taste is 80% similiar to the ones in Hong Kong as I believe the mango is less sweet and aromatic compare to the ones in Hong Kong. Well, with the price I am paying certainly I have no complain and just to enjoy.

One of the highly recommended Hong Kong dessert now from me!

Remark: After went to this outlet a few times, find that their quality is like roller coaster, sometimes its superb, sometimes it far below par because of the mango quality they have for the day. Its rather dissapointing compare to the first day that I had it. On htis branch, do not put so much high hope yet something to look for. . .

*Updates – 2nd jan 2014 : officially their dessert quality drop from bad to worst

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, ~  recommended ! -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Hoi Lau Shan Healthy dessert
First Floor, Old Wing
1-Utama Shopping Mall,
(in front of Isetan)

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Ken 16/05/2012 - 11:42 pm

hmm…seems like the prices here in KL are much cheaper than HK, but my previous experience at HK was not that good, probably i did not order their mango dishes, hope they are opening one very soon in penang 😀

taufulou 17/05/2012 - 2:00 pm

heee.. hong kong how come not good exp wor/ should be good ah . .:D

hopefully pg also very soon .

Isaac Tan 17/05/2012 - 12:25 am

healthy and nice! slurp 😛

taufulou 17/05/2012 - 2:01 pm

is niceee~ 😀

Charmaine 17/05/2012 - 10:33 am

RM 120 for desserts in HK?! That’s unbelievable!

taufulou 17/05/2012 - 2:00 pm

in HK everything is exp ma.. a simple desert drink like that could have cost easily RM 20-RM28 already . .

Melissa 17/05/2012 - 10:52 am

Mango here and there..all over the menu…and Mango is my favorite fruit. Huhuhuhu…..

taufulou 17/05/2012 - 2:01 pm

heheh..really? then i am sure you going to lurve it too . .

chiariyees 17/05/2012 - 11:04 am

I was like “wah, hoi lau shan is here too?” when I saw the outlet in 1u. although I’ve never been to HK, but they are famous enough to make me know about them. 🙂

I think maybe because mango (maybe other ingredients too) is easily available here, hence the cheaper price.

Eunice 17/05/2012 - 11:53 am

im having heart attack. </3 cant see kenot eat…TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

Nikel 17/05/2012 - 1:55 pm

walau.. so fast hand one..

taufulou 17/05/2012 - 2:01 pm

heee..talking bout it and craving so direct go la~

Caroline Ng May Ling 17/05/2012 - 2:02 pm

uwaaa!!! bojio!!! :p I wanna go here for sure!! XD

email2me 17/05/2012 - 2:02 pm

Kan neh go alone!

sharon 17/05/2012 - 2:03 pm

wah.. can’t wait to try!

didnt get to try this in HK.. ish

strawberry gal 17/05/2012 - 2:14 pm

it looks yummy. did not spotted them when in 1 U. Should look fr it d

yvonne s 17/05/2012 - 6:34 pm

WOW!!!! MANGO is my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

foongpc 17/05/2012 - 11:31 pm

OMG!!! Hui Lau Shan is now in Malaysia?! OMG!!!

CleverMunkey 18/05/2012 - 3:15 am

the mango icy sweet ball looks good weih! time for HK dessert to shine! haha 😀

FiSh 21/05/2012 - 8:30 pm

the mango mochi looks so gooood! much better than the usual japanese mochi 🙂

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Liyanne 30/05/2012 - 1:04 am

I prefer to eat Tong Pak Fu ler. Much much much nicer!!!

jolie 30/05/2012 - 8:38 am

I went to try already..but tat day run out of mango, cant try anything w mango..

Net Mui 16/07/2012 - 4:01 pm

nice…but i found tat HK taste more better oh…

admin 17/07/2012 - 11:05 am

totally agree with you as they do not have the consistancy for their brand here

Ms.Tan 04/09/2012 - 4:37 pm

So all mango using fresh mango or frozen pur?e mango also parts of ingredient ??

admin 05/09/2012 - 9:57 am

should be all fresh as far as I know . .

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