Godiva (9)

with all of us trying to hit each other.. .and every one is very happy . .kekek

Godiva (10)

So start off with our class on some history on the chocolate with Yazeed the Brand Manager that shower us alot of information.

Godiva (11)

I didnt know that there are chocolate tasting too, as you will learn how to taste how pure the chocolate is that some to start mild in taste with strong cocoa powder at the after taste.

For this particular chocolate, its a bit milky in texture and taste with a bit more sweet at the end.

Godiva (12)

Godiva (14)

Next we try out this chocolate, first bite its not that milky as it tend towards a bit bitter in taste means there is more cocoa in it, and the after taste is bitter and I think is perfect to pair along with latte or long black coffee.

Godiva (13)

Among this 2 types of chocolate, I prefer the one on the left as I prefer a bit more bitter chocolate compare to the sweeter side.

Godiva (15)

Next we head to our chocolate making 101 basic class in melting a chocolate,creating a texture or shape and our simple chocolate biscuits.

Godiva (16)

To play along with the simple set up, this is the kind of ingredients we just need. Its up to your creation and you can be even more creative by combining all different types of edible food,snacks, fruits you can think off . . .

Godiva (17)

To make chocolate fondue, is very simple, you can buy any chocolate in any supermarket of course for our own consumption it is best to buy a good grade quality as it is different in taste, for this we are using premium chocolate Godiva, so just prepare any solid chocolate and put it in warm mug let and stir it to melt the chocolate. . .

Godiva (18)

Less than 2-3 minutes it had melted well, tadaaaa.. this is the end texture you going to get. . .

Godiva (19)

Then you can just grab a mould from anywhere you can find, put some of your own preference  then just pour the chocolate in . .

Godiva (20)

then gentle tab on the side of the  mould to spread it evenly . ..

Godiva (21)

For biscuits is easy, just prepare your favorite biscuits and just dip on it ..

Godiva (22)

The best of all is this cornflakes chocolate, very simple by just pouring the cornflakes into the bowl then just stir it evenly ..

Godiva (23)

then just place it on the small cupcakes frame. . .

To make it even more complete, the whole creation of chocolate will need to be put in fridge for at least 30-45 minutes to make it solid.

Godiva (24)

After the simple class demo, we were separated into groups .. I was first assign same group with Ciki, well known baker – Sue and Weizhi (citygirl), then for being one guy in the group then I got transfer. . 😀

Godiva (26)

We are given this few items to play with . .

Godiva (25)

Godiva (27)

Godiva (28)

all of us are busy in action . .  all separated into individual team . .

Godiva (29)

Then I got transfer with another well known baker Fatboybakes and another friend. .

Godiva (30)

Godiva (31)

here comes our own creation.. successful . .

Godiva (32)

Other groups very serious in creating their own chocolate design . ..

Godiva (33)

Ken’s Team . .

Godiva (34)

Godiva (35)

Announcing I am the chocolate chef for the day . .:p

Godiva (36)

Me and KampungboyCitygal

Godiva (37)

After the work shop we have light refreshment ..

Godiva (39)

Godiva (40)

With Yazeed and Winnie . . .

Godiva (42)

45 minutes later, here comes our group creation . . 😀 we are all successfully certified a chocolatier . . .:D

Godiva (43)

Me and my team along with Fatboybakes and friend.

Godiva (41)

Godiva (45)

As Ramahdan is around the corner, they have customise some sets of hamper ranging from RM300 – RM600, or you can even pick and choose the items in the area then they will help you wrap it ..

Godiva (44)

We had a fun morning and thanks to Godiva for the lovely experience. .

Godiva Chocolatier Cafe
Level 2
Jln Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 – 2142 5252

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  1. I’m a chocoholic, and Godiva is one of the good chocolates available here in Malaysia. The other brand that I particularly love is Patchi 🙂

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  3. WOW WOW the shop seems great… it looks like a big hotel, sure Godiva will be a great hit… i just want to have a visit there…

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