During lunch, my new group of friends brought me to this new place of eatery where they always dine. To me it feels like they are kidnapping me away and to sell to bangla cuz it feels like very dalam dalam. They recommend it as nice and reasonable. It is hard to find a parking space here. So whenever you can get a spot just park and walk a bit lah~

This is the kopitiam that purely sell only ‘Hakka Yong Tau Fu. Nothing else besides that.

A stall full with don know where punya worker. Look like Vietnamese, Southern Thailand or Indonesians.

The choices of the food selection is not much as seen in the menu.

The deep fried food area. Have to take the pic like that because don like the guy’s face.

There are 2 section in this kopitiam, which this would be perfectly good for smokers but it is hot. Another section will be air condition.

They will ask you what would you want to have for your meal besides young tau fu. This is ‘Prawn Mee which the colour of the soup looks good, but just that the taste of the soup is more on like belacan taste. If you add a bit more of the chili it taste alright. Would not be the best but cannot complain.

This is the ‘Deep Fried Meet Noodle’ which include some of the yong tau fu ingredient which is more on toufu and the skin and some pieces of chicken. It was abit more salty with soy sauce taste. If you add on some of the soup of yong tau fu, taste good. To dilute abit of the soy sauce.

Mee Hoon Mee with Pork’. Taste something like Koey Teow Thing as it taste not bad. A bit oily though but manage to savior till the last drop.

The Chee Cheong Chuk as the porridge is well boil to its softness and thick goes well along with all the pig spare parts and they are being generous to put in alot. Add on abit of pepper and soy sauce it would taste better.

The main pot of ‘Yong Tau Fu which includes taufu, bendi, chili, egg plant,and vegie.

‘Fried Fu Chuck’ which is one of the thing must not miss when dine it. The Fu chuk is being fried perfectly as it is still hot and crispy. One will not be enough.

‘Curry Pork’ taste very nice and goes along very well with rice. Not too spicy nor too hot. Potato is being cook to its softness and the meat of it is tender and soft. This was one of the dish that were finish up by us first.
The service is not bad and the price is reasonable. The total bill was only RM77 for 8 of us.
-= KA CHING =-
Food rating 6.5/10 , Okay ah..Not Bad~
-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
AS-27, Jalan Hang Tuah 3,
Salak South Garden,
57100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7981 4888


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