Tug in this little commercial area with Unitar being one of the new residence in this building, Hangry is one of the new operator in this building. As for past weekend on their grand opening, they have collaborated with HEXA to come out with Hangry x HEXA Challenge. A challenge to test on your spicy tolerance from basic spiciness to the highest world record chili.

[Update: 13th March 2018 – No longer in operation]

Hangry (2)

Hangry (3)

Ghost Chili is the world record holder in 2011 for being one of the spiciest breed in the planet with 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce or standing tall at 1mil SHU. That is pretty insane.

Hangry (4)

The challenge have attracted man participants to push their spicy limit as the winner will walk away with RM 500 cash voucher.

Hangry (5)

Some of the constant laughing off and it is like “Is this for real?”

Hangry (6)

Before moving to the challenge, Hangry is actually one of a shop that sells Fried Chicken with a tagline – Have a bite & Chill la bro!

Hangry (7)

As you place the order outside before coming into the outlet, at the food collection area you can see a chart on the wall and I love the last right chart with Adventurous – Pedass challenge (with 3 chili = Mampus!)

Hangry (8)

Hangry (9)

Hangry (10)

This is the MAMPUS Challenge.

Hangry (11)

Before mampus, of course there are some of the basic spiciness powder at the counter to tune your taste bud on before heading up.

Hangry (12)

A pretty simple menu with very affordable price as they are operating in college zone.

Hangry (14)

When comes to the fried item, Hangry Couple @ RM 9.90 is worth to grab as it comes with some fried chicken cubes and a drum stick. Drum stick top with some spices and the Hexa spicy sauce is at the side to dip at your discretion. Do test it out before you pour it into the fried chicken . Love their fries

Hangry (15)

Hot Chic Bowl @ RM 7.90 turns out to be pretty good bargain as the base of rice is alot yet fragrant like oil rice. Top with fried chicke cubes and spicy sauce.

Hangry (16)

Salad bowl is quite nice where the chicken cubes are top with their home made special cheese dressing to add in the flavor. It does have a light hint of spiciness and I think it is a nice bowl for lunch too.

Hangry (18)

Hangry Witch @ RM 6.90 is for sandwich lover where fried chicken breast is sandwich in between with some greens.

Hangry (19)

Their new special platter is a platter to share. They have a special mixture of chili spices in the bottle and grined as you like and depending on the level of spiciness that you can take. Each are given with 4 drippings – 2 cheese and 2 spicy sauce. Their cheese sauce is awesome!

Hangry (20)

Hangry (23)

Lets head back to the competition zone where all the contestant are ready to Mampusss!

Hangry (24)

Starting from the most basic round which is less than 5000 SHU and it grows or double up along the way. To prepare the contestant, one of the way to stir them or to make them nervous is by allowing them to smell on the sauce provided. When they are ready dip the 2 chicken pieces and finish it.

Hangry (25)


Hangry (26)

All paying attention on the consequences of it.

Hangry (27)

Milk being the SOS for their palate as to tone it down.

Hangry (1)

Little did we know, there is one person who manage to go all the way to the end by also consuming the Ghost Chili. This is respect. Chili all the way and I wonder how can my stomach support on it, and congrats to the winner that wore ManU jersey as he is the winner of this challenge.

For students around that area, it is certainly a bargain meal.

Jalan SS 6/3, Ss 6, 47301
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours: 10am – 7pm

Tel: 012-618 1051

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