Comes to year end, there’s where the party all slowly starting to kick off. One of the first is Heineken Good Vibes that took place recently at Sepang which is also its very first installment that feature quite a number of great artist local and international, that many of the party goers are looking forward  for the star of the night, Smashing Pumpkins. Not only that as Heineken took the opportunity to do a beta version of Starclub which is a successful 2 tier build up with an indoor and outdoor element to provide uniqueness of its clubbing experience.

Heineken (1)

As I arrive, already alot people in the scene as the party start as early as 4pm.

Heineken (2)

 The event took the whole arena of Sepang Go-Kart Circuit.

Heineken (3)

Our first pit stop is by stopping at the game center. Winning any game will walk away with some of the party item.

Heineken (4)

 Test your energy. For guys you have to punch it till a score of 650 and above to win an item.

Heineken (5)

Intense Ice challenge is pretty interesting where there are 2 huge cube of ice are being place and you are equip with a powerfull water gun. Its to melt the ice and look for a card inside then you will walk away with an item.

Heineken (6)

 Shoot the bubble.

Heineken (7)

From the whole arena, there are only 2 drinking place whereby we are not allow to bring out the alcohol. Love their concept of drinking area with pallet and green lighting.

Heineken (8)

Went to their food arena and good to see many great local stalls are in there. Most of their food are good!

Heineken (9)

Then head to one of my fav arena which is StarClub, which is first of its kind in Malaysia that provides a unique clubbing concept.

Heineken (11)

 Of course when we party, beer is a must!

Heineken (12)

 This is how the place look like.

Heineken (13)

Then went to another area, which is also I find it very unique and first of its kind that I come across. Silent Discotek

Heineken (14)

Upon entering, we will be given a pair of headphone and there are 2 channel to switch. On the stage there are 2 DJ spinning 2 different type of genre music.

Heineken (15)


Hehehe, here we are, dancing like mad people and its funny to see other people dance when you remove the headphone. Its like those people are in their own world.

06 Good Vibes Set Times

 This is the line up for the event.

Heineken (16)

Heineken (17)


When Smashing Pumpkin came out, every one just cheer and put your hands up. Its a song that most of them are familiar with and sing along.

First of its kind and most of the act are totally not my type of music but surely its another great experience for me.


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