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I guess summer movie list had started to hit onto our local cinema with 2 biggest movie to start from, Ip Man 2 and Iron Man 2 that most of the movie goers are hunting for this weekend. I got a chance to watch IP Man 2 movie preview thanks to Nuffnang for the tickets.

If most of you had watch IP Man part 1 that had anticipated a lot of Wushu martial arts Wing Chun that fought with the Japanese. In this show, the martial art Legend fought with American style, Boxing. It also, about pride of every one to defend their martial arts that Sammo Hung had fought with that guy for pride and integrity.

A great martial art movie that I get to know how IP man grows his legacy and one of the news that I got is that Bruce Lee was actually his apprentice. I feel that, there might be a part 3 coming out..Hopefully there us, that might tell the story of Bruce Lee.

Nice movie but some might find it a bit boring as it involves alot of talking but the fighting scene will not dissapoint you.

— Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped —

Overall ratings 8.5/10, great movie, recommended~~~

— The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk —



  1. this movie i for sure will watch ler…will put my baby to nanny to take care and me n wife go and watch this movie…cant wait for iron man 2 also…

  2. Big Boys Oven Reply

    I watched it last night it was awesomely good, I will give 10/10!

  3. Caroline Ng May Ling Reply

    SO nice! I ALSO WANT TO WATCH BOTH THIS MOVIES!!! guess another movie marathon with my sister soon. haha

  4. vialentino: heheh, so watch d boi?

    BBO: yeah, it is lei..still feel part 1 better

    caroline: i want to join also.c.an ah can ah~

    ken: keat boh?

    uli: faster watch luuu~

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