The Intermark is really another new hang out spot in KL and with many F&B are taking the opportunity to open one in there. One of the latest unique experience that I encounter is a mini tour by Jaya Grocer management into their latest concept which is very different compare to their others. This 7th outlet is design with urban chic concept to match KL contemporary lifestyle as its smack in the busy business district.

Jaya Grocer (1)

This outlet is about 30,000 sq and design by their in house design team that specially create a huge spacious walkways that is large enough for several customers to push their trolley through without bumping into each other. One good point that they have is also they don enforce the one way traffic system like some supermarket do as shoppers can walk freely in any direction they prefer.

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After its operation is stable down they are planing to have several stalls to be manned by an attended and also to interact with shoppers like how to choose a nice and fresh vegetable, what is the difference and what is best to cook with the selected ingredient. As this concept is inspired by our pasar pagi or wet market just that in here minus the slippery floor.

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If you are looking for premium items, then this place is a great place for you to hunt for some as they have alot of  imported ingredients, food and fruits too. Such as this melon are imported from Japan.

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Jaya Grocer (5)


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They have fresh seafood selection and if you lazy to cook and would love to eat it fresh, just pick your favourite piece of seafood then they will cook for you for free on the spot.

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 Cheeze section . .

Jaya Grocer (11)

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Another section that interest me is some of their ready made turkey, smoked duck and a few more item.

Jaya Grocer (13)

This is one good smoked duck that is ready and microwave/bake for 10 minutes then its good. See the meat texture and the aroma of it is very fragrant. Good for those of you want to do some quick bites for your guest at home.

Jaya Grocer (14)

To make it taste even better, they have this imported aged vinegar. I did not know have such item till I was brief by one of the promoter.

Jaya Grocer (15)

They also do prepare some samples such as smoked tuna peas and some great dressing which is all available next to the cheeze counter.

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This is the aged vineger and if you have the budget, its  a must get item. Just need a drop from it to make your dish very fragrant already. Besides that, they have a few version from 10 years -18 years. Just like wine.

Jaya Grocer (17)

Of course the more aged it is, the more expensive it will be, just like single malt and wine. :D. I love their packing too, very classic.

Jaya Grocer (18)

 variety of spices and mini ingredient for you to get from. .  peas, spices and many more.

Jaya Grocer (19)

Those of you fancy fine dine outside, now you can cut some cost and impress your love ones at home. How? Come to this meat section . .

Jaya Grocer (20)

their cut of meat is so nice and with all this great cut, you need not spend at expensive as Rm150 for your steak.

Jaya Grocer (22)

Its really fresh that its vacumm pack and flow all the way from oversea. You can get really nice slab of angus, wagyu, marble and look at this cut. Its just so good that you can just grill it at home and kazeem m ..  ready to eat.! Price is very decent too . .

Jaya Grocer (21)

Then thought of cook some simple quick lunch or dinner, they have the marinated one available.
Jaya Grocer (23)

Some of the item you see it in their selves that we thougth can get it anywhere. Some of the items it looks the same but taste different and also price also different.

Jaya Grocer (24)

Such as Horlicks here, packaging is different, price is different taste is definately different as its imported and taste much better, solid and strong malt taste.

Jaya Grocer (25)

One main section that capture my attention the most is their NON-HALAL section. Vom Fass is a new concept that being tested in Malaysia currently that selling different types of variety in smaller scale. You can buy it by 100ml minimum. The concept is hail all the way from Germany.

Jaya Grocer (26)

What can we get in here, is of course different type of cocktails whereby, Tiramisu is a must in this section and also friendly owner is there most of the time. You can try the items before you buy to see it suits your taste.

Jaya Grocer (27)

 They also sell lose pack of Whisky, Cognac & Rum.

Jaya Grocer (28)

Do not look down on this little barrel as they sell pretty premium single malt also. Now we don have to buy huge bottle, that they do sell it in smaller scale. 200ml for 29 years old single malt at RM 186 which I think is very decent.


Jaya Grocer (29)

It can be given out as a gift as they come in unique gift bottles if you buy x amount of liquor, then the bottles are free. If not its price from RM25 onwards.

Jaya Grocer (31)

Love their wine range and hard liquor area as why I keep saying this.. Becauseee .. . .

Jaya Grocer (32)

They have variety of premium alcohol . .

Jaya Grocer (41)

Including this awesome stuff. Absinthe. .  Blue Fairy and Green Fairy you can get it here! those of you who want to KO your friend, get it here.

Jaya Grocer (37)

they have quite a good range of Japanese and Korean liquor too . .

Jaya Grocer (38)

Jaya Grocer (39)

Besides that, they do have a weekly promotion of wine in this cool wine machine.

Jaya Grocer (40)

What you need to do is rather simple. Just pay RM50 then you will get to try all the 8 range of available wine in that machine. After tasting and you purchase any of the bottles, its refundable.

Jaya Grocer (33)

 At the NON-Halal secion they have this Iberico meat too.

Jaya Grocer (34)

Jaya Grocer (35)

Jaya Grocer (36)

Jaya Grocer (42)

Right outside of their outlet, they have this little food court that really serve good food. With the star feature which is an enormous clock, almost like a fresco painted across the entire ceiling and the clock move every hour. The effect is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland, just without the white rabbit and Mad Hatter.

Jaya Grocer (50)

Jaya Grocer (43)

In here also house the famous Lam’s Kitchen, Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles, Sun Huat Kee’s Pork Ball Noodles andd . . .

Jaya Grocer (44)

Award winning Menya Musashi is in here too . .

Jaya Grocer (45)

I quite like Hamky Panky whereby the name is pretty catchy and I love what they are offering. very westernize concept. Simple yet impressive.

Jaya Grocer (46)

Jaya Grocer (47)

Jaya Grocer (48)

Healthy meal for lunch or dinner, definitely one of the station you can consider.

Jaya Grocer (49)

 On that night, we try out some food from the little food court  ..

Jaya Grocer (51)


Jaya Grocer (52)

 Apple potato salad is something new to me and I am impress how it blend it so well.

Jaya Grocer (53)

Jaya Grocer (54)

Love their sandwich too as its very generous in ingredients and the bread is just as it is. Of course its slightly pricy but you see the amount of ham added.

Jaya Grocer (55)

 The beef taste is slightly more heavy in taste. .  chicken still the prefer option for me.

Jaya Grocer (56)

If you love Siew Yuk, here offer one of the best siew  yuk (roast pork availble) in KL. Cripsy from the end and the lean meats are perfect with slight fats in between. Recommended!

Jaya Grocer (57)

Sun Huat Kee Pork Ball Noodle. .

Jaya Grocer (58)

 Roast duck here are good too.

Jaya Grocer (59)

Jaya Grocer (60)

Jaya Grocer (61)

Jaya Grocer (62)

Since its very very near mid – Autumn festival, its still not too late for you to grab one of them at Jaya Grocer.

Its another new shop that I like with their fancy new concept and after shopping some grocery, the next place to head is their food court that offer awesome food there!

If you head into the carpark, Entrance Gate D is the most convenient of all as they are on the same level, and also any purchases of RM30 and above are made, you are entitle with 2 hours free parking.

The Intermark,
348 Jalan Tun Razak,
Kuala Lumpur, 50400 Malaysia


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  1. Nice place, with so many premium imported goods, one needs not to travel to find those ingredients, but of course, “nicely” priced too 😡

    • admin Reply

      hahah..that 1 memang pun.. most of their stuff also more expensive buy 2-5 .. if wanna buy imported goods especially alcohol.. it would be a perfect place . ..

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