Plaza Arkadia is slowly gaining its momentum for F&B hub. Lamei Mala Hot Pot in Plaza Arkadia is one of the latest addition to the latest malat trend in KL. We were craving for mala and was on the way to another outlet till saw this new shop operating and it was pre-opening promo with 15% off.

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (1)

The outlet interior is filled with trees that gives you the effect like sakura season.

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (2)

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (3)

Some photo op area

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (4)

Condiments for you and is addtional RM 5 per charges if I am not mistaken.

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (5)

The outlet concept here is pretty unique as they are using Sushi method. Each of the colour plate comes with different pricing and they capped it at:

1) Cylinder Shaped @ RM 6.80
2) Purple @ RM 9.80
3) Green @ RM 13.80
4) Sky Blue @ RM 16.80
5) Yellow @ RM 19.80
6) Red @ RM 29.80

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (6)

You can either pick the item at the fridge nearby yourself or the waiter/ waitress can serve it to you.

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (7)


Lamei Mala Hot Pot (8)

We find that there is a huge problem with the menu as each of the item indicate there do not comes with a sticker pricing. So you will be guessing how much will that be.

Then we pity the waiter/waitress as when the bring the item to you, then you check the pricing of the item. Too expensive then you ask them to return. (as what table next to us did)

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (10)

There are a few variety of soup for you to choose from:

1) Mix Soup @ RM 39
2) Tomato Soup @ RM 39
3) Pork Bone Soup @ RM 36
4) Beauty Soup @ RM 42
5) Mala @ RM 39

For Mix soup we choose – Mala (level 2) – as was told if it is not spicy enough then we can request to add on spicy, which we did after that. and Beauty Soup.

Mala soup is certainly not for me. There is no numb nor spicy as the usual traditional hotpot is. (even added spicy after that). Beauty Soup is quite bland in taste.

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (11)

Ingredients are normal and meat are quite expensive as most of the meat are in red means RM 29.80

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (12)

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (13)

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (14)

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (15)

We did not order alot for 2 pax.

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (16)

The bill turn out to be RM 189.70 after 15% discount for the ingredient we took, it is definitely not worth it.

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (17)

Well, I felt that this mala shop soup base had been localise. The the end of the soup is quite bitter. Certainly not my kind of mala shop I would return.

However if you are looking for a malat hotpot in KL beginner place to be, this could be one of your option. Especially our parents.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 5/10, expensive and not my type of malat !!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

H-G-16, Block Hutton,
Plaza Arkadia
No.3, Jalan Intisari Perdana,
Desa Parkcity, 52200 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours:
10am–2pm, 5pm–2am

Tel: 03-6261 9505


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