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Standard kind of menu with most indonesian food are in there but from time to time, the menu will increase with more variety.

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‘Ice Lemon Tea’ is one of a refreshing drink to start off with, once start I ended with 3 glass. Refreshing, not too sweet yet solid taste, just as I like.

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Rawon – A dark beef soup, this is the specialty in conjunction of Puasa Ramadan. Something that the soup is a bit thicker and filled with some spice taste yet the beef cook just nice, not too solid in texture.

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Something to start off with sour, then ‘Sayur Asem’ to consider to go along.@ RM4.90

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One of the soup that I miss alot is ‘Sayur Lodeh’ and I love the taste of it. The vegetable had been cook till its all soft not too milky on the soup base yet the taste is not too strong which is just perfect. I like it but some dont.  @ RM7.90

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Soto Ayam @ RM6.90

Jakarta (18)

If you want something grilled yet I rate it something similiar like otak-otak ‘Pepes Tenggiri/Udang’ is perfect to go along with rice. @ RM7.50

Jakarta (19)

One of my favourite that I would rarely miss. ‘Gado-Gado’ @ RM5.90 – A salad of boiled vegetables, dressed in a peanut-based spicy sauce and some cracker (rempeyek) served on the side. Some of the restaurant would use the gravy something similiar like satay sauce but still at Little Jakarta just taste good.

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‘Sambal Petai Prawns’ stir fried with petai and big juicy prawns. @ RM8.90

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Another thing that I would add onto my list is ‘Crispy KREMES Chicken’ @ RM6.90

Jakarta (22)

‘Nasi Uduk Komplit’ that serve along with crisypy fried chicken @ RM8.50

Jakarta (23)

‘Nasi Goreng Jakarata’ @ RM5.90

Jakarta (24)

Beef Rendang Nasi Uduk Set Komplit @ RM8.50

Jakarta (25)

Crispy Sambal Ijo Flying Fish @ RM7.90

Jakarta (26)

We do have our local Cendol but Indonesia have Javanese Special Cendol but what is the different? Find out yourself. .. RM4.50

Jakarta (27)

This? me and Vialentino just finish it by ourself, then kena complain why we never share. 🙂 Cincau Ijo, Lychee @ RM3.90


As for their request that  the shop sells Stick Tahu as snacks then the rest they were like eh eh, got sell eh..faster chop yourself and sell yourself also… faster take pic with the snacks and this is how I end up with. Stick Tahu crossover with Taufulou. 😀

Now there is another Indonesian food to go for with Remus Chong the owner who had work in an investment firm that based in Jakarta with alot of friends there, with passion and good food from Jakarta so now he had decided to operate one himself. A very friendly person that loves to talk.

Little Jakarta
GF, Lot 10.23
Pearl Point Shopping Centre
Batu 5, Old Klang Road
58000, KL

Tel: +6017 333 5556
Email: [email protected]

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  1. The fried keropok shaped like flowers r so cute! 🙂
    (Erm… and your pose with the keropok packets…. ermmmmm… lol :P)

  2. I just have to comment on this place. I just found out about this place on the web, never been to the place, but looking at the pictures, I believe its just another mislead indonesian or so called jakarta food. In my life, this is the first time for me to know nasi uduk with yellow color. Yellow color rice, indonesian call it nasi kuning. In indonesia, we never have any nasi uduk kuning. Some more, their sayur asam, I never find any original indonesia sayur asam using carrots, slice tomatoes, green onions. I hope their green cincau is made from real cincau leaves instead of green for coloring. Btw, for kind of deep fried fish, the most common in indonesia is Gurame Fish ( Kaloi fish in sabah/sarawak), not tilapia fish. Seems like another mislead of indonesia food in Malaysia, same thing like so called balinese restaurant in KL. Why nobody have the real authentic indonesia food, most only have authentic names not the food.

    • Taufulou Reply

      well, its normal in every country that every one trying to bring or introduce another country food in the selected country.

      Usually they will localize the taste and its hard to find authentic 1.. I love Indonesian food and usually the authentic one usually wont have good business and close down because of the local taste of each country therefore they have to fine the taste of it.

      That’s why you can see all macD in the would is different but similiar..same goes to this shop.. similar .. well, I really hope that i can find authentic Indonesian food. .

      • Taufu, during my stay in KL, the only area where you an find authentic indonesian food would be in Chow Kit area, but myself not even brave enough to go because hygiene reason :). Some big restaurant they were nice when first time open up, coz they still using real indonesian seasoning and ingredients, but after awhile, start to go the other way. Only one place that close enough to authentic indonesian food (balinese food), the place located in Kota damansara. I went there once and was suprise with the taste, they even have real balinese cook and server :), I prove it by speaking balinese language with server and cook :)).
        The one in the curve mall, when first time open up was nice and use real sundanese cook and server, but after 6 months went down the hill, after they start using worker from other country and not using proper ingredients on their food.

        • Taufulou Reply

          ohhh..the 1 u mean is Uma, the balinese restaurant. .. The chef is malaysian and work in Bali for many years and he wanted to bring back authenticity of the taste… One of my fav restaurant. .

          The curve i think you mean is ayem penyet? heee..well cant complain much when we are in oversea hunting for food that we miss ..

        • Well ayam penyet is never been on my list. The new one that I mean is Bumbu Desa. Its franchise from Jakarta/bandung, was good in the beginning and getting worse.
          Yes…..the uma, the owner is the chef, I had some conversation with him when I was there. But crew behind the screen is balinese. Nice place, eventhough I only been there once, hate to find parking there during business hour 🙂

  3. Little Jakarta Reply

    Hi there, in reply to your comments. You are both right. Nasi uduk is generally the equivalent to the local nasi lemak in taste and colour except for it?s fragrant. This is the reason why nasi lemak isn?t popular in Indonesia, and the reason why we had to differentiate by adding the kunyit, to differentiate from the locals saying it?s the same thing. That?s also why, most Indonesian restaurants here stop serving nasi uduk simple because it?s not saleble. Here we sell more than any Indonesian restaurant in Malaysia because we adapt to the market well.
    If you understand the local Indonesian resto industry here, you will know that hardly can an indo restaurant succeed without adapting to the local taste here. For one…locals complain the sambals are too spicy, when indonesians complaint it’s not spicy enough.Indo and local chilly taste differently as well and so are local ingredients.. Do note that the cabet rawit and cili padi are of different varieties of chillies We have to appeal in the middle to satisfy everyone.This is understanding customer needs knowing fr a fact that we cannot please everyone but try our best to anyway.Most indo resto begin selling authentic dishes, which are not saleble and begin adapting to what?s popular only to the demand or end up in wastage and loss. That?s how they adapt in business. You will also notice that typical indonesian food sold in chow kit, only attracts mostly Indonesian ( TKE ) who live here to work and a business this biz model can’t hardly survive if it was in a more neutral local community unless innovate to suite its local tongue. We have seen many failed. Restaurant here’ cannot serve a small minority unless it’s establish in an indonesian area which can’t hardly sustain a business, Which is the reason why most indonesian restaurant had to appeal to everyone including the local majority with a touch of locality in taste. We started an earlier restaurant with a partner from Jakarta, in Sunway, selling authentic eastern javanese cuisine and had to bear heavy losses as indonesian students go home for the holiday during the Nov and Dec month and only realise tht for an indonesian restaurant is to survive and be a success, it has to appeal to everyone’s taste and not too far from it either.
    Our chef from Jakarta and Surabaya and understands innovation is the way to appeal. This applies the same to all indonesian restaurant who operates in other foreign countries as well in order to succeed.
    To date we have attracted more chinese locals to our food since we are located in a local chinese majority area and try our best to educate them in enjoying indonesian cuisine. It has to begin with what they are familiar with first to then try something new next. Our chef ibu wawa, was once confuse when a local customer tried sayur asem and commented why the Tom Yam tasted weird. Lolz.
    What was mentioned on it, are garnishing colours for contrast during photography, as the soup is usually dull in colour.
    Most indo restaurant do not have indo server as they are mostly given permit as maid and in the construction industry and not the restaurant sector.This are also only given to those who have live here for more than a 1 year and not new ones. For every indo hired, a local must be hired too as part of the requirement. and a chef salary must be similar to a foreign expat salary of more than RM 5 k a mth to apply under foreign expat status. That?s why places like bumbu desa have no choice and had to be practical because of cost factor and immigration requirements.

    As for ikan gurame, all indo restaurants in KL, do not used that fish as it’s not available here in Peninsular Malaysia.( Do share with us if you do anyway or have found any in the fish market locally). Which is the reason , why talapia is the closest thing to gurame in its taste and texture..Here? at our restaurant we have ikan goreng and not gurame.. And now you know why from our experiences.

    Hope this answers your questions & gives you a fair understanding of the local market here.

    Take care and have a great day ahead.

    Little Jakarta.

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