Modern society, every one is working hard to go thru every day living and to support family. Well for me, is to work hard, play hard and enjoy life. I travel a lot and I guess I need to start to learn how to safe money, with recent hike in petrol also starting to create little impact on me. I do not know about the rest of you.


Living in a big city, there is always a huge temptation especially year end, with massive sale and warehouse sale every where.

Every time when look into my bank account, this is what I have in my thought. Why? Why and what did I spend again to see my money getting less and less by the time I hit ATM most of the time.


By the end of the month, I have seen many people opening out their wallet at ATM trying their luck to check how much money left to withdraw is quite sad.



I guess I have to learn to save money from the expert as need to fix an saving amount of 20-30% of income aside and make it untouchable. Start spending less on all unnecessary stuff especially shopping. Will learn try to buy less in shopping and travel less to put it into savings.


One of our favourite fast food, McDonald’s understand the burden of people that are going though then they previously done a huge value meal for their lunch and dinner set yet the latest in their list is they are coming out with Jimat Jimat McD.


Eating out now is not cheap yet during my purchase of meals, I see quite a lot of people buy Jimat Jimat McD promotion.


With the buy 1 free 1, there are many of them are sharing this to safe their lunch cost. A few tables around me also doing that.


Certainly now a lot people are tightening their belt for upcoming storm. One of the good bargain, is this Fillet ‘O Fish buy one free one as if you buy ala-cart, 2 burger cost RM 12.60.


Now with buy 1 free 1 promo, I am only paying RM6.30 for 2 burger which is a good bargain for a lunch meal. This promo is from Monday to Friday, 11 am to 4 am.



If you could not finish 2 buy yourself, you can share. Sharing is caring now as it break down the cost to RM 3.15 for 1 simple lunch.

Now I can safe some additional money for any additional expense again from lunch money.

Do watch this funny video with comedian Jason Leong on Tips how to save money Lah!

If you wish to know more about Jimat Jimat McD and other promotions, please visitMcDonald’s Malaysia


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