Manmaru Udon is one of the latest addition into Mid Valley outlets. The concept of the shop is more like a fast food outlet. They have an open kitchen concept right at their main entrance. Right before you head into your ordering you will get to see the process of it, from making udon to cooking. . 🙂

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Its pretty easy to locate this shop, whereby its located at Center Court Level 2 next to Apple Store.

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As mention, upon reaching the shop, sometimes you will get to see the guy doing the udon fresh at the counter.

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 Like this .. .

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AS we walk a little to the next station which is noodle cooking station and we find it pretty interesting. Its like fishing in a hot water as they are using a huge net and we ask the head chef to pull it up he was so happy. .

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This is where the queue starts, as the menu are right on the top to hunt for what you want or you can wait till you reach at the main counter then you look at the table top area.

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There are total 10 types of udon for you to choose from, basically the udon are all the same as they are in different soup base.

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This is whereby the main counter you place your order for udon.

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 After collecting udon, you can chose your sides if you want as they are all additional charges.

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 Price of each item are place right in front.

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Last counter before you heading for paying counter is the drinks area. If you love something slightly sweet go for their ale Verra King Original. I love it. . .:D

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Its rather simple for the whole process that takes pretty fast and it really depends on the customer in queue.

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 The whole ambiance is more like a huge Japanese canteen style . .

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After payment, you can collect all your cutleries at this area and sauces too.

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For their tempura section I love their Prawn tempura and squid which is a must grab item . .:D

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If you miss Korea and udon then this Kimchi Udon @ RM11.90 (S) / RM13.90 (L) would be a great bowl of noodle to stop your cravings. Light sourish spicy in taste whereby the taste of Kimchi suppose to be and its alittle milky end that combines well with the udon. I would say this is a mild aromatic version of Kimchi. Not bad~

manmaru udon (16)

One of my favourite is Curry Udon @ RM10.90 (S) / RM12.90 (L). As what original Japanese Curry is. Thick and creamy enough with little sweet spicy end and I am loving it. Reminds me of a great bowl of udon I had when I was in Melbourne.

manmaru udon (17)

One of my all time favourite is this Niku Udon @ RM12.90 (S) / RM14.90 (L) as this is not my first time here.

manmaru udon (18)

Love the broth of this soup which is pretty authentic by using Japanese soy base, slight strong in taste and the beef slice is huge for a price of it and its mouthful. Aromatic taste of soy sauce. Recommended!

manmaru udon (19)

Something infuse with western delight or carbonara like is Cream Corn Udon RM12.90 @ (S) / RM14.90 (L). Not too creamy yet top with fresh corn to make up the taste of it.

manmaru udon (20)

Heading back to classic simple is Kake Udon @ RM8.90 (S) / RM10.90 (L)

manmaru udon (21)

Bukake Udon is also my another favourite which is very simple that only cold soy sauce top with reddish and ginger. Mix it up,it turns the soup base into another different aroma. For a simple diet, this would be my preference.  RM9.90 (S) / RM11.90 (L)

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Among their classic range, Kamaage Udon is the most standout yet one of the most classic range that reflect back on their traditional dining. with a udon bucket with one handle that reflects easy to grab to finish the whole pot, follow with a little small pot of sesame sauce. @ RM12.90

manmaru udon (23)

Originally the style of eating this is to take the udon and dip in this small bowl to ensure its well coated to the noodle and eat. Very sesame fragrant, simple and little salty soy end. Highly recommended!

manmaru udon (24)

Zaru Udon @ RM8.90 (S) / RM10.90 (L) 

manmaru udon (25)

Kamo Seiro Udon @ RM13.90 (S) / RM15.90 (L)

manmaru udon (26)

I was told that this little snack is the most famous among the Japanese diners as they are one of the most authentic that they can find. Actually its to mix inside the noodle to enhance the taste of the soup base. If you eat it pure like that, you would not love the taste of it as its being marinated with sour plum and very sour with a bit of salty end.

When you added into the noodle, it makes the soup something similar in taste but much milder. Pretty interesting. You can order this to try and DIY yourself.

manmaru udon (27)

Of course, how can a Udon do not have my favourite egg – Ajitsuke Tamago. Perfectly done with a bit of running yolk, very soft and well season on the outer layer and originally salty end. Awesome!

manmaru udon (28)

this is how we hunt down the udon that night.

Overall, if you are looking for a cheap yet authentic udon shop to go for, I would say this is one of my recommendation. Udon is slightly chewy in texture,smooth and best of all the price is cheap!


Manmaru Udon
Lvl 2, Center Court, Mid Valley
(Next to Apple Center)

Operation hours :


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