Chinese New Year is just around the corner and one of a snacks that we must have for guest is “Bak Kua” or known as Chinese Pork Jerky. Oloiya is no stranger to many housewives or a well known household brand during Chinese New Year. During this period, some of our parents also bought bak kua as a gift to their family members and friends. Therefore Oloiya is taking this opportunity to launch Oloiya’s “Everyone Loves Gift” that symbolize respect or gratitude.

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This is indeed a perfect time for season of gifting where I learn new tricks that we can actually add Bak Kua into our Lou Sang tradition and it turns out pretty good.

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Remember that back in those days where you have to queue in Petaling Street for hours just to buy packs of bak kua back to your hometown for Chinese New Year and guess what? You can now order your favourite snacks online at

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To make this “Everyone Loves Gift” unique, they have invited a designer to design the retro New Year patterns, a classic gold Bak Kua box, classic calendar, ang pau and playing cards. As they know Chinese loves to do origami by recycling some of past years ang pau, they have come out with Combination of ang pau with origami that can be folded into a chicken.

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Latest Pricing of Oloiya Bak Kua:


“Everyone Loves Gift”  is starting from 26th January 2017 until Chinese New Year.

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