How was your New Year eve celebration 2022? This would be my first after 25 years sitting at home to celebrate. Oh well, the next day friend invited me over to check out the most famous kopitiam known as Oriental Kopi in Bandar Puteri, Puchong. I was told that this is currently the most crazy queue happening in Bandar Puteri.

Just open its door about few months back, Oriental Kopi 华阳 first outlet in Selangor had make an instant impact to the neighborhood.
oriental kopi puchong

Be prepare to queue for a seating on weekend. I walk all the way behind, the queue is about 7 shops away from the main entrance.

oriental kopi bandar puteri

oriental kopi

Love the ambiance of this place. It is like the modern atas classic of the 70’s and in love with their song play list. All the classic song from Leslie Chung and Terresa Teng those era.

oriental kopi famous egg tart

Their egg tart is no joke. I see people carrying bags and stacks of egg tart.. No wonder the place is so pack! Their egg tart also made it into Malaysia Book of records with thickest crust as 6mm / 128 layers (if i remember correctly)

oriental kopi menu

this is Oriental Kopi Menu. Pretty start forward which is all our local cuisine coffee and stuff.

oriental kopi drinks menu


here comes my breakfast!

white coffee

I was told to try their Signature Oriental Kopi @ RM 7.80 , Hainanese cham and Roasted white coffee. Among the 3 I would recommend to go for Oriental kopi and also Hainanese cham. This 2 got different is more prominent.

oriental kopi nasi lemak

For mains, we order Nasi lemak, normal @ RM 5.90/ Signature Nasi Lemak Fried Chicken @ RM 14.90 which is serve with a huge drum stick, freshly fried as the skin is crispy and pack with mild spices, fragrant rice and with perfectly down up sunny side up. Sambal is abit mild spicy but just nice for morning doze for me. This would be one of my recommended dish.

nasi lemak ayam goreng

egg porn

ipoh koey teow soup

Chicken Hor Fun @ RM 13.90

oriental kopi mee siam

Oriental Fried Chicken Meat Mee Siam @ RM 12.90 is decently good too. This is above my expectation. Comes with a few chicken strips which I find it a bit generous, and I only wish that the mee hoon portion is slightly more. Mee hoon is cook nicely, pack with some siam spices which it needs to give the umph. Once you squeeze the lime onto the chicken and mee hoon then it is another level of taste.


oriental kopi char koey teow

Penang Char Koey Teow @ RM 13.90 is not bad.

butter kaya toast

for breakfast, I enjoy their Kaya Butter Toast ias it is quite generous with butter to my liking.  Nothing to shout about but that’s how I like my toast with thicker butter.

hong kong polo bun

Apparently Polo bun is their signature and it is slightly different compare to the ones I had. It is not bad, cuz this is freshly baked as the crust on the top is still crusty, serve with slices of butter and you can choose the topping with condense milk or honey. I find that Condense milk suits my liking more.

Oriental Honey Polo Bun @ RM 6.90 

oriental kopi egg tart

their Malaysian Book of Records Egg TART!!!!!!! just look at the flowery crust. there are comparison from this shop and another shop nearby. I would say it is totally different. I like this texture more from inside is soft and fragrant. Flaky with 128 layers, yet abit like croissant on the side . Kinda interesting for me. I whack 2 tart at one go.  I would recommend you to order this too when you are in this shop.

Oriental Egg Tart 2 Piece @ RM 9.80 / 6 pcs Free 1 – 7 pcs @ RM 28.80

best egg tart in kl

kedai kopitiam oriental kopi

Overall, be prepare to queue if you do plan to dine here on the weekend. My recommendations will be:

  1. Signature Oriental Kopi.
  2. Hainanese Cham
  3. Nasi Lemak
  4. Friend Chicken Meat Mee Siam
  5. Polo bun
  6. Signature Egg Tart

Oriental Kopi 华阳
69 & 71, Jalan Puteri 2/3,
Bandar Puteri, 47100
Puchong, Selangor

Operating hours: 7.30am – 9pm

Tel: +601111996363


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  1. Hi taufulou

    Being a foodie influencer comes with responsibility. Not sure if it is that good when you ate there but they are worse than average to me. Egg tarts can never win the competitor nearby. Even if it was fresh and flaky, the filling was just plainly sweet. Not even fragrant! The polo bun totally had nothing to shout about. The price was too much > 2x famous tarts in KL not yet adding 16% charges! Cendol? Not fragrant… just sugar! Come on. Do a better job and recommend better worthy places than this.

    • Totally agree with you. There are a few expects to consider from your mention.
      1. taste bud different from everyone. my sweet lvl your or yours could be very different. it was base on my personal opinion.
      2. F&B to get strong consistency over long term that’s their challenges to solve to cater to customer like you. To make it perfect in every single outlet it is not easy. It could be on that day, some other pastry chef were doing it.
      3. I certainly agree that there might be other tarts like Foo Hing which is famous for their tart too. I do not put them as apple to apple comparison as I define it as 2 different kind of tarts

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