Genre: Comedy

This would be my very very first time step into the cinema watching local productions. What interest me was the preview of the movie and went to search some details about the director too. Looks interesting. The lagi interesting thing was when we walking into the cinema, all the people look like us as an alien, some with even in their thoughts like are they in the right cinema ke? We were the only few chinese watching it.

When I read the translation of Pisau Cukur = Gold Digger I was lost but what the hell, first time watching do not understand their term, so I learn a new word. Heheh.

In school, we were often asked what is our ambition, but there is one unique girl answer, I would want to marry a Tan Seri or Dato also she doesn’t mind. The teacher nearly fainted. Lol.. Surely it was a good answer. Then this girl Bella went to enter a contest and she lost and seems like she is one of the famous celebrity as pisau cukur. She was very down after losing to marry the rich guy and then her best housemate invite her to the cruise for hunting.

As the movie go, there was a murder of Dato and then Intan become curious about the case and start investigating and Bella found a Dato which is very rich to be with… In the end both of them let go the hope of being pisau cukur, because the realize that its nonsence.

The 2 role that they are acting is kinda Bimbo.. but sure do have their signature in it.PANASSSSS!!! lol~ and her exclamation during stress just like one of the english movie but there are a few scenes are very fake during their cruise but still not bad for a local production.

Watch it movie day or DVD but a lot of my Malay friends gives thumbs up.

— Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped —

Overall ratings 7/10, Not bad not bad…~

— The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk —


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