One of the new establishment that just recently operate in this SS2 Neighborhood is Solomen Cafe. The cafe serve Japanese inspired food that focus alot on Ramen and don. Solomen also comes with inspiration that Solo people that comes here to work. Hence you can see the format of the outlet is like a cafe and high benches is for solo freelancer to work on. Plug points are available in most of the seating area.

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Variety of items can be hunt in this cafe and prices are reasonable too.

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For a cup of hot Latte @ RM 9, is indeed a pretty good value buy

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Gyoza (6pcs) @ RM11.90 Nicely pan fried at the base to give a little crips and home made mince pork base is good.  Ton katsu (deep fried pork chop) must dip with their special sweet sauce. @ RM20.90

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Hoikoro is the pork belly slice, especially perfect to pair with a bowl of rice. RM 16.90

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For a slight change of taste, then you can hit onto their fusion Kimchi Ramen @ RM 19.90

Solomen (14)

Their Signature is Tonkotsu Ramen with a slight twist where they add in some salted veggie into it to give a sourish saltiness to its pork bone soup base @ RM20.90

Solomen (15)

Solomen (16)

I would prefer their Negi Miso Ramen @ RM20.90 as the love the miso paste salted flavour.

Solomen (17)

hokkaido butadon @ RM 22.90

Solomen (18)

Among the don, I like their shiogayaki don @ RM 21.50. Love the mix egg ontop of crispy fried pork cutlet.

Solomen (20)

For closure of the meal, we are keen to try on their cakes and Tiramisu @ RM11.90 & Cempedak Lover @ RM 13.90. Cempedak is the clear winner where the punch of cempedak flesh and taste is there also did not overpower the chocolate along. I do not mind to have 3 slices of it to pair with their coffee.

Solomen (21)

Not a bad cafe for hangout and also enjoy some food. First timer, I would suggest on their Gyoza, Signature Tonkatsu Ramen and Cempedak Cake.

Solomen Cafe
16, Jalan SS 2/24,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tues-Thurs, 12pm-10pm;
Fri-Sun, 12pm-12am.

Tel: 016-289-9079


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