I guess many people like me will read this place as SpagJus or I might be wrong as when you come closer to their outlet then known as Spag & Ju’s in Sunway Velocity. Honestly, they are great peeps as I have seen them grow from Food truck which they gave me strong support in my event back in my past previous job. Today they are now operating food kiosk in major malls by serving all of us their signature comfort food.

SpagJus (2)

Both foodtruck owners have decided to come together to spearhead this new brand Spag & Ju’s, hence there is the 2 brand name combination as the outlet name.

SpagJus (1)

SpagJus (4)

Menu is quite similiar to those days in their food truck.

SpagJus (10)

If you are looking for a quick value meal, then this is one of the place to be. They have been well known for generous portion of spagheti and ingredients serving. When comes to busy hours, you will need to queue too. Well, the queue is just not too long as this is a kiosk style and most people would just eat and go.

SpagJus (5)

Slurpy Chicken is one of their signature. Top with a huge piece of chicken meat and the amount of spaghetti, I could not finish it. @ RM 17. Chicken is well marinated and grill on their hot pan

SpagJus (6)

SpagJus (7)

One of my personal favourite is their Daging Fries @ RM  (more like sloppy fries). Drench in their special daging sauce that make this quite addictive. If I can sneak this into the cinema, it would be perfect.

SpagJus (15)

SpagJus (9)

Other meats, you can opt for Slurpy Dory @ RM 17.

SpagJus (11)

Lamb Mash is new in the menu. Love the marination of lamb, cook to perfection as mine is soft and slighyl chewy to my liking. The mash and gravy is just spot on.

SpagJus (12)

SpagJus (14)

Great to have jus to pair along with spaghetti. (left to right) Basil Lime Soda @ RM 6.50, Purple Slurpy @ RM 8 and Minty Melon @ RM 8

SpagJus (16)

SpagJus (21)

SpagJus (22)

They have black pepper gravy or mushroom sauce for you to choose from. I always prefer their black pepper.

SpagJus (17)

SpagJus (18)

As for all of you, just present this post at the cashier before purchase with this Hastag #snjxtaufulou , you will be receiving Daging Mash for FREE!

LOT B-047F & B-047G
Sunway Velocity Mall,
Lingkaran SV, Jalan Cheras,
55100, Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours:
10am – 10pm


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