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Samgeori Butchers is one of a well known Korean bbq shop hail all the way from Korea. Part of YG Republic that located in Hive block at TREC KL; along with K Pub. A shop that Specialise in Iberico pork, be certain that on the premium quality cut as you get to see it at their cold room.

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This is where you get to see and choose your meat.

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As you can see alot of singature in the wall, as the outlet was officiate by a few members of Big Bang.

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This is a very unique Korean salad as I consider this is another substitute for Kimchi. Quite similiar as they are using chives as replacement and top with egg yolk to give it a slightly creamy texture.

Samgeori Butcher (18)

Korean famous Budae Jigae @ RM 60  that can easily feed 2-3 pax. We add Ramyeon and cheese along.

Samgeori Butcher (20)

If you are craving for fried chicken, then hit on their K-Fried Chicken @ RM 25 (M)

Samgeori Butcher (21)

Janchi Noodles that have been cook in clear soup for 48 hours. @ RM 25

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Samgeori Butcher (23)

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Mix Meat Platter @ RM 75. This platter certainly will works very well with alcohol especially when you have beer or soju as it is a combination serving of pork belly and jaw.

Samgeori Butcher (25)

Butcher’s Pork Fried RiceRM 50 for 2 i s a dish that you would want to consider as one of the dish. Fried to perfection as the rice is fragrant with right amount of spiciness and do mix it all up.

Samgeori Butcher (17)

This is what we have order.

Samgeori Butcher (27)

A mix of Iberico Belly (150g)  , Iberico Neck (150g) @ RM 55 each & Iberico Abanico @ RM 60.

Samgeori Butcher (29)

This machine works quite unique as it is not your typical Korean bbq shop where you see the sucktion of air is from the top as this machine works from below. So that you wont smell like bbq pit yet you get to enjoy your Korean BBQ.

Samgeori Butcher (31)

Samgeori Butcher (32)

If you are looking for a slight premium pork cut in a Korean BBQ shop in Kl or Korean BBQ shop nearby Bukit Bintang, this place might be a good alternative for you.

Samgeori Butcher’s Pork Charcuterie
HG-01 & HG-02 Hive, TREC,
438, Jalan Tun Razak,
Kuala Lumpur.
opening hours | Lunch 12pm – 3pm; dinner 6pm – 2am
Tel: 03-2110 4104
Website: http://www.ygrepublique.com.my/

Mid Valley or The Gardens shopping mall is one of the places that most people hang around and shop, but when it comes to food, this mall also do offer a huge range of food and there are a few famous one too, one of it would be Ko Hyang, that it had a few months I had read in blog about this place, many bloggers mention about how good the food here.

It was not until recently I drop by and decided to give it a try.

Kho HYang

It was the usual, that its always packed with people to wait on this small little stall, that is owned by Koreans.

Kho HYang (2)

One of the drinks that I enjoy when comes to Korean food which is ‘Sik Hye’ that I called it barley in korean style, some people might not like it but I do enjoy this drink alot of its taste wise. RM 3.80

Kho HYang (4)

Usually you eat in big restaurant or small restaurant you will be given appetizer first, just that restaurant have huge range of it and can refill.

Kho HYang (5)

One of the thing that I seldom miss is to keep trying out on ‘Pancake’ RM9.80. It was completely cook with the edge are crispy but it still had strong taste of flour in it, by dipping the with the sauce a bit only can eliminate the taste of it. I would say, I had better ones before.

Kho HYang (6)

Kho HYang (7)

One of the normal dish to choose that not to go wrong is their ‘Ji Gye’ RM14.90. Spicy in taste that the expecatation is there and its always cook with taufu.

Kho HYang (9)

‘Bul go Gi’ is one of my favorite in Korean range, although the beef texture been cook very well, just that if the taste wise been improve or they do have spicy range, it would taste even better.

Kho HYang (10)

This set is price at RM16.90

For me, I think my taste is different from others or the food that day it tasted so so only with different chef or people preparing it.-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6.5/10, not bad lah~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Ko Hyang
LG-K05, The Gardens

(in front of Cold Storage)


Korean food, at times its hard to resist when comes to BBQ. To me, their signature is always BBQ yet when I went to Korea that time, it was not the case but in Malaysia, it looks like this are the kind of food that we could get, all under one roof. Honestly, if you ask me where is the nice Korean BBQ food so far on the island, definitely I am recommending this shop. Being one of the latest addition into the market it had gain its reputation quite fast and quite recognise by alot of my friends too.

As I always heard to get good Korean food was some where around Ampang but then my buddy Yeong brought me to this shop at Sri Hartamas and then now they had operated in Penang. My parents not being a big fan of grill stuff then I decided to bring and expose them to the little great environment they have there.

Their decoration is sure the same as the one they had in Hartamas.

Even the interior. The restaurant is quite pack and it is advise to do a reservation before you proceed, if not you will of course be seated at this lower ground. The very friendly boss is from Korea.

Ground floor setting is different from upstairs.

Upstairs they do have their own private room that would best for birthday celebration, client or family gathering.
This would be the place which we were seated. A very traditional Korean concept that makes you feel like you are part of the culture.
If you are a Saju lover, then you would not want to miss their selection, temptation to order.

For me, I am 100% sure that I do not know how to read Korean yet with the translation of English on the dish would not be perfect with picture illustration. It is easy for me to ask my parents what they want to eat and just point without actually have to explain to them what are the sauces or how it looks like.
Variety of meats are available and with different seasoning too.
Before the mains for serve, your table will be filled with all those small little appetizer to start of with, if you find any that you like, you can just refill any of the choices or get the whole set refill at your desk at no time.
You will be only left a very small place for you to ngam ngam put your own cutleries only.
Being a pork ribs lover in BBQ pit which is a must order item, ‘Hanbang Dweji Wang Galbi’ RM35
The pork ribs was well marinated and
The Pork Ribs was well marinated balace with some fats and meat, and after BBQ’ing for a while the meat is tender and its juicy. If you wrap it with lettuce and dip with the sesame sauce will add in the extra kick in it.
Being a fan of ‘SonDuBu JjiGae’ the taste is very appealing. Not that spicy as the colour looks like yet a bit of the sour taste accompany by a bowl of rice is a great companion. RM17
To me in BBQ, lamb is always a must for me which is ‘Yang Gogi’ marinated evenly and was cook perfectly by the helper. BBQ to its softness and the taste of the lamb is there with oozing of the after BBQ juice that had created by the lamb on the grill pan is just something we enjoy very much. RM35

The perfectly grill lamb.
Normal eater like my parents, they always prefer to have chicken, just in case they do not know how to enjoy the rest of the order. ‘Yang-nyum Dak-Gal-Bi’ RM27

After enjoying the first 2 great dish, then this had become something like so so. It would be better if they serve this first at least your taste bud can try something from okay to good.
At the end of the meal, you will be enjoying a comlimentary watermelon but we were enjoying our great meal there. My parents would sure returning to this restaurant again.
Here are my review on Hartamas Branch, KL.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, VERY good~ Recommended -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant
15-2-G, 2-1 & 2-2 Bayan Point
Medan Kg. Relau
11900 Penang

Tel : 04 6402616

Open Daily

Business Hour : 12pm-3pm (lunch) & 5.30pm -11pm (dinner)

Ah Pak was down for the weekend, and do not know what to eat, head to Taipan for Korean food, then see the menu so little things we decided to cabut, then I suggested Mt Kiara to eat. I thought in LDP turn is Mt. Kiara d, how smart am I. While I was driving I keep thinking where got so near la, then only realise it.SHITT!!! so darn far, clever loh me~ After 40 mins of driving in the very heavy rain whereby have to put emergency signal on, at last reach here still do not know which 1 is nice, just hantam this shop. Bon-Ga

After I walked into this shop I like har, like dat 1 ah, sei!!! No choice la, since come till so far already, so just try lah~

This is the funny thing that I found out in the menu, where all of the food are fully imported and looking into the menu, still the same, not much choice. Most of the dishes are beef and I can’t take beef, so left only 2 options. So sapu that 2 and orders some other dish. Funny thing in this restaurant is they dont serve us Korean tea, ONLY water. hmmmm………

This is their food entree, where the 1 in the red red sauce looks like the Japanese octopus(which is not) but taste very good. The rest, not nice.

Ordered this ‘Korean Pancake’, when it was served, I was like har.. so geli 1 ah, the food. No QC eh. Then when tried on the pancake, aiiii…really true, no QC. Can still taste the flour which is not fully cook, and in the middle part of it which is quite thick and can still taste some of the raw sotong taste. I eat half of the piece and banneeed.

This is the ‘Kim Chi steamboat’. Looks good when were on our table but the taste is like no Kimchi taste and a bit spicy only. Not as good as it looks on the colour. None of us finish the whole thing also.
This is the ‘Pork Belly’.
The person that was helping us out, overcooked the pork belly, so ended up we have to chew it as long as like chewing gum. Ended up the pork also quite dry.
This is the ‘Pork Meat’. The nicest among all the dish that we ordered. They don know marinate with what sauce but do taste good on the pork that grill on it or which I think that the person that help us cook had improve, which he did not over cooked it.
This is the person that had helped us cook it out. Satisfying but the onion cannot go. Tasteless, I think from Korea as mention from the menu.
Overall, I wont revisit this restaurant again, as the food is below average. The bill I had lost it but I still remember the total bill comes to RM125
-= KA CHING =-
Food rating 4/10 , Bad -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
3A-2 Block E, Jalan Solaris 3
Mont Kiara, KL
Tel: 03-6204 0012

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