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One of the biggest Mamak foot hit was the famous Penang Line Clear Nasi Kandar had migrated down to Kampung Baru at KL. It was a big news to many Line Clear fans from Penang including myself. However I only pay a visit to them after a year plus in operations. This was through a family dispute and hence this branch is born. As what my friend said, they are the operator for Penang outlet for the past 10 years.

Line Clear (2)

The new premises is more clean and more spacious. However parking over here could cost easily around RM 5 – RM 10 as most of them is private carpark.

Line Clear (3)

Line Clear (4)

As I see their usual fried chicken basket, the colour tone had change. NO longer the same as Penang.

Line Clear (5)

Their usual sequence of sauce and curry is also the same as the Penang one.

Line Clear (6)

The fatty guy is no longer the main Clear and whistle blower guy, he had become thinner.

Line Clear (7)

This is my usual ordering even as my supper when I am in Penang. Cabbage, daging a piece of fried chicken and kuah banjir (flood mix curry gravy)

Line Clear (8)

My friend is craving for nan and ended up ordering Cheese Tandori Nan. For this set, it is quite disappointing.

As overall, it is no longer as good as what I had in Penang and there are hits and misses. Well, I guess now for KL mamak, Pelita Nasi Kandar will still be my preferred choice.


-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 6.5/10 , used to be better!~ -Stamped-
-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
Penang Line Clear Nasi Kandar (LC Restaurant)
113, Jalan Raja Abdullah, Kampung Baru,
50300 Kuala Lumpur

operating Hours: 6AM – 12AM

Nasi Kandar is a big hit to us, Malaysians. Hameediyah Nasi Kandar had been in operation since 1907 which mark them one of the legendary Nasi Kandar all the way from Penang is now operating at Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara.

Hameediyah (1)

If you are here during lunch time, be prepare to queue.

Hameediyah (2)

Hameediyah (3)

Hameediyah (4)

The queue is not that long actually where it is just about 6 person in front of me that took them about 10 minutes to reach my turn. The food picker behind the counter work like a snail. If you compare to any other Nasi Kandar Joint out there, there will be at least 2 server behind the counter.

Hameediyah (5)

Hameediyah (6)

There are plenty of usual dishes to choose from.

Hameediyah (7)

Hameediyah (8)

Have yet try their Murtabak which is also known as their signature.

Hameediyah (9)

For my simple order of Ayam Goreng, with Kubis cost me RM 12. One of the most expensive Nasi Kandar in my list now. They even BEAT KAYU in terms of price. No doubht, their curry banjir in my plate is fragrant and filled with spices, but the price of it is the killing factor.

I would still prefer Pelita as the main choice of Nasi Kandar.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6/10, expensive and slow service!.-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Hameediyah Nasi Kandar
Unit A-GF-01, Sunway Nexis
Jalan PJU 5/8, Kota Damansara

Tel: 03-6151 7766

Business hours: Mon (10am – 10pm), Tue – Sun (11am – 10pm)

Foodies the name itself already shows you are a food lover. When it comes to some exotic food, I am a bit skeptical on certain selection of meat. Crocodile meat certainly falls into that category  I invited a few to join me for this food hunting and all of their reaction are, “Bok.. are you serious or are you pulling our leg?” my response was of course serious.

There is a new outlet that recently open in SS2, Chow Yang area that is same row as Original Nasi Kandar which is Krockies seafood. With a cute crocodile logo as their main logo and many people might thing that its chinese herbal shop or some shop that sell crocodile stuff.

Many ponders that is it legal or illegal. Well . .. . .

Croc (1)

Though the skins were harvested for leather goods, the meats were sold for consumption. It is actually sent to PJ Krocies Seafood Restaurant to promote and sell it. Krocies restaurant specialises in crocodile cuisine. When they initially started, it is pretty controversial where all the environmentalist as questioning their legality. Currently they are in the business for more than 50 years. They have farms in Sandakan, Tuaran and Langkawi. All the crocs were farm grown and fed on chickens and fish.

Croc (2)

I bet many of you heard from your parents that asthma patient can recover by taking crocodile skins? Its not just only ordinary restaurant. YOu also can buy crocodile meat and some special pre-mix ingredient ready to boil from this shop too.

Croc (3)

I will say that, with the right combination of Chinese medication will makes you recover. I am one of them. As when I was a kid, I had quite a bad asthma and my old neighbor share with us the Chinese ingredient to my mom that have to boil in 8 hours with 4 bowls of water boil to one bowl kinda of thing. After taking it daily for 3 years, I have recover from asthma back about 20 years ago.

Croc (4)

Crocodile meat is actually filled with nutrient that with different types mixture of Chinese herbs ingredient gives you different effect..

Croc (5)

here are some of the facts.


Croc (7)

Croc (8)

They have special set dinner for family available too.

Croc (9)

If you find that crocodile meat is too adventurous for you, then you can opt for their normal food item, with Pork, Chicken, Fish and many more available on the menu too.

Croc (10)

Axiety starts to kick in when 3-Variety BBQ
Per dish cost RM35

Croc (11)

Braised Croc with Yam (芋头焖鳄鱼)

Croc (12)

Braised Croc Palm with Sea Cucumber (海参焖鳄鱼掌)RM120

Croc (14)

The feet looks pretty scary huh? It just taste like chicken feet, soft skin that being braised for quite a while to make it jelly soft, meat is so soft that nearly plug out itself when hold up. Gravy is absolutely amazing that caught all of us out from our expectation. A perfect dish to go with rice.

Croc (13)

Something more classic is Tofu Croc Meat With Fish Maw @ RM25

Croc (15)

This dish Croc Meat with Spring Onion & Ginger being fried to perfection that every bite been fried evenly with ‘wok hei’ that its aromatic and the meat is not overcook. @ RM15

Croc (16)

From left to right: Roast Croc Rib with Bbq Sauce 妈蜜鳄鱼骨 & Croc Tongue with Garlic , both are equally good and unique in its own way in texture.

Croc (17)

Tofo with mince pork.

Croc (18)

Bahhh.. Y are you eating me???

Croc (19)

Special 5 Croc Meat Combination @ RM120

in the middle is – Salted egg yolk coated long beans.

Croc (20)

From left n clock wise: Croc internal mixed organ loh-bak, Crocodile Meat Spring Roll (龙凤鳄鱼肉卷), Deep fried Croc meat and ginger.

Croc (21)

The best part of crocodile is this part. This soup actually need to pre-book. This is the first time I have seen such a huge pot of soup. Its not easy as chef takes alot of efford to do it. A soup that typically takes 12 hours to prepare through 3 different double-boiling processes. Combination of Chinese herbs and special skill in preparing it are required in order to bring the full potential of its nutritious value.

Croc (22)

Croc Head Soup @ RM350 

Looks exactly like a crocodile waiting for its prey on the dining table.

Croc (23)

Looks scrary? Its actually a soup filled with alot of nutritions. A clear soup that you know you will whack a few bowls. I ended up drinking 4 bowls. This huge pot can feed easily 12-14 pax. There are no salt, MSG added in.

Croc (24)

Top Grade Light Soya Sauce Pan Fried Noodle is another great dish not to be miss. A special type of noodle that they friend to perfection. Not too dry, yet accompany by a bit of sambal makes it a perfect combination.

Croc (26)

Your meal will end with a complemantary ice cream which is a special classic type of home made commercial ice cream that I have been eating since I was a kid. Something that I have been looking to hunt for long long time.

Overall, the taste of crocodile meat taste like a bit of pork and chicken (in between) to me. I am amazed on how the chef able to cook this dish so cook and pair all the taste so well.

If you are up for something different from your daily consumption, I am highly recommending this shop for you to try.

They do sell Chinese Medicine Crocodile Herb which is good for asthma especially along with frozen croc meat, croc ribs, croc tail and other parts for those who wants to cook at home.

Do contact Andrew 0123233728 KL & PG and Jimmy 0127870087 JB.

Krocies Seafood Restaurant
40 Jalan SS2/10
47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel/fax: 03-78773229
(Same Row as Nasi Kandar Kayu)

Website: www.krocies.com

Last year it was a big hit with anything on pork that is mushrooming all over especially pork burger. You name it, how many restaurants are there with pork burger and how many are pretty good? What I would say is there is a hidden gem in SS2 that I recently come across or introduce by my colleague as she said, ‘Bok’ since you ate so much I am pretty sure you gonna love this shop. She bring me heading directly behind one of my favorite shop Spicy Chili Pan Mee (SS2 Branch) and discover this family own fast food outlet Wallop Pork Burger.

wallop (1)_resize

When I arrive this place I scratch my place, why is this fast food chain hidden so inside in the housing area instead of bustling area of main street in SS2. What I am saying is that, this shop is located at another side of SS2 whereby Kayu Nasi Kandar is located.

wallop (2)_resize

Is just one thing I do not understand. After I Google some article on it and found out that they prefer to be station here as they would love to control their quality of the pork burger.

wallop (3)_resize

Design on the outlet is simple and straight to it, our mind is pork burger…. pork burger… pork burger. . .

Another thing that capture our attention is we can build our own burger!!!

wallop (4)_resize

What it means is just order the burger and then add on these toppings to customize on your best taste preference or what you feel like to have on your burger.

wallop (5)_resize

wallop (6)_resize

I got to know also that their pork patties are done fresh, with fresh garnishing and fresh buns to ensure we get the best of the flavour or we enjoy it.

wallop (9)_resize

Sergeant Wallop would welcome you to their shop.

wallop (7)_resize

In their fast food menu everything is rather simple and fast, as its only one type of burger you can choose and the other difference is that how many patties you want. Single, Double or Triple.

wallop (8)_resize

Single – Mamma Wallop, Double – Papa Wallop or Triple – Sergeant Wallop. One that I am keen to try is Hot Boy with their very own spicy sauce.

They have a meal combo also that serve in 2 catagory which is Single Mama Wallop Set (RM9.80) and Double Papa Wallop Set (RM12.80) , after looking at the menu I would think that the burger is kinda small and decided to go for Papa Wallop set. These set starting from RM 9.80 comes with fries and a drink (A&W or Coke)

wallop (10)_resize

Here is my pork burger with Bacon and Mushroom and all of us are in love with this pork burger. The patties are well season with their own recipe not too thick with the right size, grill to perfection that make it moist and juicy, bun that toast quite well to compliment together with the patties and dressing that added on doesnt make it too moist. The whole function of my mouth was just keep biting and biting while enjoying every bite of it. Their fries are pretty good too ..

What happens in the end? Called afew of my friend and Ta pau for them and they love it too. Pork lovers, you guys must not miss this.

Remark: I would advise that for girls can go on for Papa Wallop as the patties are pretty thin slice and for guys you would definitely love on their Sergeant as its the right size for us.

Definitely this would be one of my recommended pork burger shop if you are craving for one nice burger and its easy to find parking here cuz not many people head to this area. Do Drop by and give it a try~ I am sure you gonna love it as how we did.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10,  very good, highly recommended to try~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Wallop Pork Burgers
125, Jalan SS2/6,
47300, Petaling Jaya
(Behind Kayu Nasi Kandar SS2)

Tel: 03-78650519

(Open daily from 11am to 10pm except Thursday)

GPS:  N03.11590, E101.61646

View Wallop Pork Burger in a larger map

Penang is always known for its hawker food and around Ayer Itam area which is well know for their morning market for all the neighbors to buy fresh ingredient to cook or even supplies to restaurant which makes them one of the big market in Penang. I did write about a famous elderly selling classic curry mee in the  market, click here.  Around the area there are many hawker which are famous tag along the morning market, one which is in particular was one of my friends favourite Kueh Chap stall is in this Wah Meng Kopitiam that host also variety of food.

kuih chiap (1)

Do not have a proper sign for it as the main entrance are all covered up with busy hawker stalls.

kuih chiap (2)

instead the signage are hidden inside ..  which is next to a TOTO store. .

kuih chiap (3)

In the early morning, this coffee shop is pack with lots of people..not to mention during public holidays or long weekend.

kuih chiap (5)

Then they have this nasi kandar stall infront of them . .

kuih chiap (4)

kuih chiap (6)

selling Roti Canai next to it which is done fresh while ordering . .

kuih chiap (7)

kuih chiap (8)

and here comes my thin fluffy roti Kosong as its not bad just that the curry gravy is quite watery which turns it to be quite disappointing for RM 0.70 per piece, no complain.

kuih chiap (9)

Then I saw this uncle stall for Char Koey Teow frying non stop, yet I have tried. . .

kuih chiap (10)

and Char Kueh Kak also . .

kuih chiap (11)

This is the famous Kueh Chap which my friend is talking about and we waited for bout 25 minutes for it ..

kuih chiap (12)

It is one of my favorite and its very hard to find in KL.

kuih chiap (13)

and according to some explanation that I found over Google, this is actually a Teochew dish that started off during Ming Dynasty, which previously known as Ding Bian Cuo (鼎邊挫) or Ding Bian Hu (鼎邊糊), being translated as Wok-side Cooking or Wok-side Frying. Read more at javewu.

Kueh Chap is a word from Hokkien language and can be found in a few states like Penang, Johor, Kuching and Singapore. In Penang we utilise the whole duck including the spare parts of it like innards, blood, intestine to add it in and some other states they used pork.

kuih chiap (14)

This is the classic bowl of Penang version Kueh Chap ((flat broad rice sheets))

kuih chiap (15)

kuih chiap (16)

which is filled with kueh a texture similar like flat big koey teow type to cook along and add in all the duck parts in it like braised duck meat, bean curd, congealed blood, hard-boiled egg and innards of intestines and liver. Then top with fried garlic oil on top to bring the extra kick in it. The soup is black in colour that its boil along with the duck and aromatic, yet I find it a bit salty after finishing the whole bowl, i still prefer mine  to have it in thicker soup base which is located at Kimberly street that I didnt blog bout it, then overall it is still quite satisfying to have it in early morning.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10  quite good ah . . -stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Kedai Kopi Wah Meng
612 Jalan Air Itam
11500 Air Itam

Business Hour : 7am – Noon

GPS Coordinates : N5 24.010 E100 16.682

View Wah Meng Cafe near Air Itam Market in a larger map

I have been hearing this famous Nasi Kandar Beratur for very long time, that every time that I passby that area I will tell myself must go eat but always ended up in Nasi Kandar Line Clear which is my all time favourite.

On that night that I arrive back in Penang, we directly head to this place as I was inform that they have the most authentic curry that use all spices available to cook on it. The difference compare to the rest of the Nasi Kandar is the spices aroma in the curry, not really spicy but aromatic.

beratur (1)

With the name itself Beratur (Lining Up) you sure do have to wait for your turn to arrive, as on that night we were lucky that the line took us mere 5 minutes, sometimes you have to wait as long as 30 minutes to an hour.

beratur (2)

beratur (3)

Of course they sure do have some of their dishes would be their signature order,

beratur (4)

beratur (5)

Not many places now that still use coconut shell to take the rice.

beratur (6)

After putting the white rice on the plate its your turn to hunt down your favourite dish that is available on the couter.

beratur (7)

beratur (8)

Of course I love my plate of Nasi Kandar to be very Banjir (flood with gravy) especially a mixture of all the available gravy on the counter. This plate order is with Beef slices, Ladies finger and Telur Bawang. The best of all is the beef which is very soft and the gravy that soak along in it is kick ahh!

beratur (9)

My plate is beef slice, telur bawang and ayam madu. Total damage for both plate is less than RM12 and if it is in KL definately more than that.

Its still worth a try as its famous for its authentic spices used in to cook the curry, but I still prefer Line Clear. After this hunt, I have heard another upcoming best nasi Kandar some where in Jelutong. Will be my next destination!

Plz Note: Different people always got different pricing in this stall, especially tourist might get rip off, so always ask for pricing before you take any!!

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7.5/10, good ah~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Nasi Kandar Beratur
98 Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling,
10200 Penang, Malaysia.
(next to Kapitan Keling Mosque)

Opening Hours: 10.00pm-9.00am

GPS: 5.416815, 100.337582

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