Texas RoadHouse sounds pretty interesting and with the word Texas certainly gives you a certain expectation to lift up. Outside do look pretty decent and upon walking into the outlet, you will be transporting into another dimension with their nice cowboy town interior look and it would be certainly better if some of the staff wear cowboy/cowgirl outfit.

BOK_4216 Love the props that they have on the wall with deer head wooden barrels on the side and other wood elements build up seating area and others is certainly a great way to emphasis on a cowboy town.  You know what will be great? A birthday celebration as they have a unique way of celebrating it with the Birthday boy/girl.


Not only that, as the waitress told us that we can choose any of a nice Texas songs from the jukebox.

BOK_4217 In the display fridge you are greeted with a nice cut quality of beef .  .







For their signature, every table is place with a mini bucket of home roasted peanuts. Peanuts are kinda big with slight salty end, go along with beer will be perfect.


While waiting for your food, they serve you with their signature freshly baked bread rolls with their signature cinnamon honey butter which is so addictive. Bread is soft and warm that you cant stop spreading the butter and munch it.


Then during every 30 minutes I believe you will be greeted with Texas line dancing from the floor staff.


Smoked Buffalo Wings @ Dhs 39 is also know as one of their signature, at first bite it is quite salty but you have to dip with their sauce provided to tone it down and will give you extra flavour balances over it.


Love their Chicken Tortila soup. Pretty dense yet pungent in taste. Would say it’s a concentrated version, just nice for a small bowl.


Since I am pretty full from my brunch, I decided to go along with their Ribeye Steak Combo. Love their rib eye cut with some fats in between that cook to perfection from my request medium rare. Meat is still juicy, as for the ribs they are just good, soft, aromatic with the sauce, and meat is easily fall off from the bone. 

Got mushroom as one of the sides, which I think I still should choose on my classic option – Fries.



Fillet cut is one of the outlet top seller, as I still prefer my ribeye cut.



Another which is their Jalepeno Burger. Will be slightly salty if you eat it on the meat but if you eat it one mouth full you will get a full blast of flavours. Love their homemade bun which slight crips on the surface and soft.


Steak lovers might fall in love with this as Ribeye with bone is one of their top seller that is serve at least 550g and trust me, its pretty huge that it can be shared by 2 easily from our end. According to the manager, it is a single portion for most of their customer. 



For the end, we chose another dish Grilled Shrimp @ Dhs 34 (single skewer) that’s seasoned with garlic lemon pepper butter. Great simple dish where prawn is fresh, big and suculent. Love thier 2 simple slices of garlic bread too.

A great place to be for hangout and if you would want a change of ambiance. Yeehaa. . .

Texas Roadhouse
The Dubai Mall (LG112-2)
Fountain Restaurant Area
Lower Ground Level UAE

Operating Hours: 10am-11pm

Contact :+97144190266


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