At times when we are in Shopping Mall, we certainly are out of idea or do not know what to eat as there are restaurants that you always go and some times you just want to try something new. If you are looking for Thai fusion food then Thai Hou Sek at 1 Utama is one of the choices that I recommend too. It is a Thai Chinese cooking. Hence the flavour or cooking will be slightly different if you compare direct to a classic Thai food.

thai hou sek (2)

Simply for the modern cheek ambiance and Thai food offerings are pretty decent and good.

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For drinks, we order Thai Coconut Shake @ RM 15, Pick- Me-Up Fruit Tea @ RM 8.50 & Thai Hou Yum @ RM 8.50. Thai Hou Yum is one of my favourite as it is refrshing, serve like tequila style as salt are all coated around the surface of the glass. A perfect refrshing drink for our hot weather or just a recharge after some shopping done.

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Egg plant was not in my food list last time and starting to learn to enjoy this dish. Pad Kra Pao Eggplant @ RM 18 is a dish you should order too. Fried to perfection with wok hei, stir fried with soy sauce as one of the ingredient that makes it smells good and fragrant. a perfect combination with rice.

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A dish that we usually will order is fish, but this round trying out their Squid in Spicy Lime Sauce @ RM 37. turns out to be quite good too. Mild spicy, love the sourish soup base from the salted veggie and lime just add in the punch that is need. Interesting that they do add in chinese sausage too.

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Not our usual order which is classic tomyum soup. It is a dish that is recommended by the waiter for Tom Sap Pork Ribs Soup @ RM 23.50. This is slightly more spicy than the squid lime yet love the heat at the back of my throat yet it is not too flaming. Just nice for those who love some spiciness.

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The classics that would not go wrong is 4 Heavenly Kings with Prawn @ RM 22

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Spicy Pork Belly @ RM 19 is Thai style, that they do fried it then dip with chef special sauce.

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Garlic Pork Ribs @ RM 23.50


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Deep Fried Tilapia @ RM 46

One of the outlet that I visit on and off for Thai food in 1 Utama.

Thai Hou Sek 1 Utama
Lot S132, 2nd Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
(at Old Wing & below TGV)

Phone: 03-7731 7933

Opening Hours: 11am-10pm Daily.


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