In Perth, of course  am looking for wine and whisky to buy back and I was searching all over google and stumble upon this brand that sits right in Perth City which is about 10-15 minutes away from city and also accessible thru their free city buss. Whipper Snapper Distillery  is Perth’s first urban distillery where owners and Alasdair Malloch, Jimmy McKeown and Tom Cooper are crafting premium moonshine and whiskey using 100% Australian ingredients.

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They have very cool story on how it started (click here)

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This is no ordinary Distillery where inside them house this one of the best coffee that I have across during my stay there. It has mild acidic taste and fragrant coffee aroma that just suits to my liking. Quite alot neighbourhood peeps drop by for a take away and the barista is very friendly.

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I love the ambiance of this place where it is very cozy, yet classic that feels like you walk into a modern rustic mini World War 2 museums.

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I thought they have daily tour for the distillery and the tour have to book in advance (click here), Since I could not do that might as well sit down and taste their whisky and for tasting, they have minimal charges for both bottles which I have forgotten how much it would have cost.  Then you will be serve by per shot each.


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Crazy Uncle MoonShine @ AUD 59 (this is quite mild as after the process and just left it a few days they are head into bottle process) & Crazy Uncle MoonShine Aged @ AUD 71 per bottle ( I love the aged flavor where it is consider quite new with mild oakiness and I cannot imagine if this bottle is aged 1 year. It will be damm awesome, where I was told that their aged whiskey is realease on Feb 2016 this year with limited stocks. ahhh, I am gonna miss it) I bought a bottle of Moonshine Aged.

Whipper Snapper Distillery
139 Kensington St. East Perth
Western Australia 6004
Ph: 08 9221 2293
[email protected]

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 7:00-17:00
Saturday 8:00-16:00
Sunday 11:00-16:00


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