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March 2016

Jasmine Rice with Thai Dishes @ Erawan Classic Thai, Kota Damansara

Thai food had always been one of our local favorites, even to the root where some of our cooking ingredients are inspired or infuse with it. Erawan Classic Thai & Fusion at Kota Damansara is one of a famous establishment that had been serving authentic Thai Food over the years and still going strong. In this outlet, their main attraction for regular is their interior too. It is easy to locate their outlet where their main entrance is filled with…

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Ah Leng Famous Char Koey Teow @ Dato Keramat, Penang

For Char Koey Teow in Penang, which which one would emerge as one of the best? Till date, if I were to recommend one of the best in Penang, I would be lost of selection. However, Ah Leng Char Koey Teow is emerage as one of the best and usually I eat the one his elder brother fried which is at Ayer Itam area and for this branch is his younger brother that is doing the job for afternoon to…

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A Night Just Made Right by Connor’s Stout Porter

Instead of getting stuck in the city in heavy traffic, why not choose the alternative for a fun night. Connor’s Stout Porter is creating something fun for you, A Night Just Made Right happening this Thursday Night, 31st March. What you can do now is stay put in the heart of Bukit Bintang city center and head to Pavilion by starting the evening earlier with Connor’s Stout Porter. Ton of activities lined up and the best part? You stand a chance to…

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Nasi Lemak Panas Panas @ Selera Jaya 223, PJ

One of a famous nasi lemak bungkus place to many of us. It had been a long time since I last step into this area and since I am nearby the area, we have decided to pay a visit. Me and my friend have name this place Nasi Lemak Panas Panas or Nasi Lemak 222 that have been well known for one of our gathering place since college. Little did I know that I have yet to blog about this…

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The Daily Fix @ Jonker Street, Melacca

How many of you would thought off that walking up and down in Jonker Street that there is actually a hidden gem in this street. The Daily Fix is one of a latest introduction by my friend that I should not miss out this place for my next visit to Jonker Street. The Daily fix is actually hidden right behind this Next KK snd Bhd souvenir shop which actually operate by their family and the cafe is operate by their…

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ALai Coconot Shake @ Kampung Alai,Melaka

It seems that coconut shake in Malaka do take a big hit after the commercialize of Klebang Coconut shake. However, I was recently introduce to this stall by a local friend that Ah Lai Coconut Shake, located in Kampung Alai is one of their favourite. price is nearly the same as per compare with other stall. If I remember correctly, this taste slightly better as to compare with Klebang Coconut shake for its sweetness and this stall is slightly creamier.…

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