How many of you would thought off that walking up and down in Jonker Street that there is actually a hidden gem in this street. The Daily Fix is one of a latest introduction by my friend that I should not miss out this place for my next visit to Jonker Street.

Daily Fix (1)

The Daily fix is actually hidden right behind this Next KK snd Bhd souvenir shop which actually operate by their family and the cafe is operate by their sun behind the shop. Walking thru the quiet souvenir shop, you will soon greeted by this classic and vintage setting cafe that transform you into another dimension.

Daily Fix

Daily Fix (3)

Love their whole setting as it do gives you slightly three different types of interior from the front yard to the center dining area and the back part of it. Filled with all classic items from benches, tiffins, old tv, plates are all as the main part of decor, that their cafe operating area which is the heart of it that makes it slightly modern.

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Quite a nice offerings that they have in their menu as we were quite full from the pork satay meal  which is a street away, we decided to order their signature.

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Durian Cake is one of their top seller that the cake is serve slighly warm and love the fluffiness of it. Top with fresh durian meat on the top with a dash of gula melaka makes it a perfect combo with my coffee.

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Daily Fix (13)

Love their Latte @ RM 10.50. coffee too as it is not too strong to my liking, which is not too acidic too. Frothing is just perfect.

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See thru in instagram, alot foodie hunt for their Local Pandan Pancake @ RM 13.90. Made from juicy pandan leaves extract, serve with gula melaka and coconut. For such a price, I totally have no complain on it as they serve it with 5 big round fluffy pandan cakes. Best recipe is their coconut. Not too sweet that makes it a great pairing.

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It is a great place to be if you decided to have a cuppa in Jonker street.

*Pork Free

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 8/10 , nicee, for coffee and for their ambiance! -Stamped-

The Daily Fix Cafe
55 Jalan Hang Jebat, Melaka.
Open Wednesday-Monday

Operating Hours: 10am-530pm

Tel: 06-2834-858



  1. Interesting change of pace for jonker street I guess, I always have the cendol when I’m there.

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