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April 2016

Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 Years – Relaunch @ Chaze

I have not heard about Jonnie Walker Green Label for quite a while till recently was invited to attend their relaunch where I have also learnt that during the revision of Jonnie Walker in year 2012 where Green Label was discontinued, this is where Gold Label Reserve and Platinum Label were then introduce to the market with exception of Taiwan still remain n sale for it. Chaze have took a mini revamp on their walkway to be replace with all…

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Guest Chef – Jes Chew at Elegantology with Cocktail Pairing @ Publika

Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant at Publika is one of a outlet that I have walk pass by numerous times, where they have a unique concept of fashion infuse with food where their concept has always been on the lookout for rising talents in the fields of fashion and gastronomy. Through a unique and strategic collaborative method, EGR has helped springboard creative talents to greater heights, allowing them not only a space to grow but also an avenue for them to find their…

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Duksune Fresh Meat Store (덕수네 정육점) & Eat All You Can Korean BBQ Restaurant at RM 32.90 @ Solaris KL

Solaris KL had suddenly revive back to life where now it has florish to be the next new Little Korea where so many Korean restaurants are popping out. One of my latest discovery is this place, Duksune Fresh Meat Store where they offer both ala-carte or Korean BBQ Buffet @ RM 32.90. It is very pack when you are here during peak dinner hours and if you do not mind late dinner which is after 9pm, the crowd is much…

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Jacob’s Creek Heritage Wine Collection Wine Pairing Dinner @ Saujana Resort & Hotel

For many wine lovers, Jacob’s Creek is one of a familiar brand to many of us out there, also more of a well known Australian Wine brand to many. Till recently, the event that took place at Saujana Resort & Hotel is Jacob’s Creek Heritage Wine Collection Wine Pairing Dinner. For arrival of guest,  I totally forgot to take picture of it where I am enjoying a glass of Chardonnay Pinot Noir (which is my favourite for the night) where it is…

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Whipper Snapper Distillery @ Kensington Street, Perth

In Perth, of course  am looking for wine and whisky to buy back and I was searching all over google and stumble upon this brand that sits right in Perth City which is about 10-15 minutes away from city and also accessible thru their free city buss. Whipper Snapper Distillery  is Perth’s first urban distillery where owners and Alasdair Malloch, Jimmy McKeown and Tom Cooper are crafting premium moonshine and whiskey using 100% Australian ingredients. They have very cool story on…

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Ribs & Burgers @ William Street, Perth

Right after my meal at Jamie’s Italians and pass thru this outlet where there are massive queue from the counter all the way to the staircase on the night before makes me keen to try this place out, also according to my friend, Ribs & Burgers were one of the latest addition of F&B into that area that marks them famous for their ribs as per say.. I have decided to drop by next day lunch for my meal to…

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