Right after my meal at Jamie’s Italians and pass thru this outlet where there are massive queue from the counter all the way to the staircase on the night before makes me keen to try this place out, also according to my friend, Ribs & Burgers were one of the latest addition of F&B into that area that marks them famous for their ribs as per say..

Ribs & Burger (1)

I have decided to drop by next day lunch for my meal to avoid those crazy dinner crowd and if you are here for lunch, you will enjoy the queue too. This place specialises in mouth-watering slow cooked Ribs and Burgers.

Ribs & Burger (2)

Ribs & Burger (3)

Ribs & Burger (4)

Love the ambiance of the shop that makes you feel like its a modern clean butcher shop.

Ribs & Burger (5)

Ribs & Burger (6)

They have a huge chalkboard menu right at the front of the shop while you are lining up, you can read thru. There are alot of flexibility in the menu that gives you with many types of add on’s.

Ribs & Burger (7)

Right after payment, you are then handed this cute kettle box that is filled with two of their signature sauce.

Ribs & Burger (8)

Here is my slab of Full BBQ ribs @ AUD 29.50, where according to the cashier thats their signature and also standard size. It look huge but it is actually not where I can finish this by myself and I can finish another slab too if were given another option.

Soft meat, fragrant with their house special sauce and its grill to perfection. Loving it.

Ribs & Burger (9)

Ribs & Burger

Indeed it was a satisfying meal as for one person, this is as much I can consume as I am heading a few other coffee places. If were given a chance, would love to try out their burgers too as it looks so good from the guy sitting next to me as he is enjoying it.

Ribs & Burgers
24/140 William St,
Perth WA 6000, Australia

Phone:+61 8 9321 4888

Operating Hours:
Sunday – Thurs: 11am-9.30pm
Friday & Sat: 11am-10pm


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