Right after my dinner at Jamie’s Italian, I was then brought to Whisk Creamery,  that is located at Rokeby Road, Perth about 10 minutes drive out from city to reach this latest Ice cream place (Aug 2015 when I was there). According to my friend, Whisk has gain its popularity and hype through social media for their presentation and quality.

#throwback Aug’15 trip

Whisk (1)

Usually there is a long queue and we were lucky that night, there werent much crowd.

Whisk (2)

Whisk (3)

It is a soft-serve gelato by freshest ingredients and a traditional family recipe.

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Went for their classic series first – matcha.

Whisk (9)

Pink Panther Cone @ AUD 6.50 – top with sesame mochi and finished with raspberry/rose water meringues. I am not a sesame lover but I am in love with theirs. tasted like some roasted seseame, fragrant, not too sweet and just perfect to my liking. Certainly its a pretty cone.

Whisk (10)

Rocky Pro do look like a mini volcano. – a waffle base topped with creme anglaise, flamed marshmallow, peanut butter gelato, finish with milk chocolate peanut pieces @ AUD 13.

Whisk (11)

A Caramel Sandwich – a cronut filled with sesame gelato (where I change the gelato flavour by adding AUD 1, burnt salted caramel sauce, topped with whipped cream & caramel sauce @ AUD 13 + AUD 1 = AUD 14. First time trying out cronut and find it quite good. Soft and it feels like there are slices in between. Love it with their sesame flavour. 

Whisk (12)

Tried their milkshake and find it too heavy for me and a little too sweet too.

Whisk (13)

Whisk (14)

Whisk (15)

I am in love with their Matcha latte. Love the fragrance and smooth milky end of it.

Whisk (16)

Whisk (17)

Thanks guys for bringing me around when I was there.

Now looking at their menu (click here), they have grown extensively and I only can imagine the taste of it. Love their gelato series, which is smooth and indeed great stuff! Worth to give it a try if you are an ice cream/gelato lover.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 7.5/10 , great place for after meal! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Whisky Creamery
151 Rokeby Road
Subiaco , 6008 WA

tel: 08 6162 2948

Operating Hours :
Sun-Thurs : 9am – 7pm
Fri & Sat: 9am – 9.30pm


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