Their new shop name is currently known as Xiao Long Xing Jiang Hu instead of the famous Xiao Long Kan at Sunway Velocity.

updated 19th May: I was told by my friend that Xiao Long Kan in Sunway Velocity is not original and it is a copy cat. I was told Xiao Long Kan Original Brand going to open first outlet in Penang then Bukit Bintang. So went to check them out on 25th May 2019 and indeed they have change their signage and name. 

Original Xiao Long Kan in KL (click here)

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I am a big fan of China Mala hotpat. My friend arrange a dinner at this famous Xiao Long Kan Hotpot 小龙坎重庆老火锅 in Sunway Velocity as she rate this is one of the best China Szechuan hotpot in that area. Also got to find out that they are well known in China and this is their first outlet out from China.

[went back again Jan’19 and it seems that their soup quality had drop. order medium spicy turns out to be less spicy and the herb after taste not that prominent]


xiao long kan (6)

Along this new boulevard of Sunway velocity, I am impress on how many other China restaurant that is operating in this area and amount of China Chinese is dining in. I am sure it is quite authentic that drive them to these few shops.

There will be a long queue if you come during peak hours and some of other shops operate till 3am.

xiao long kan (1)

The interior of this outlet, win! Interior that travels you back to the Qing dynasty era.

xiao long kan (2)

xiao long kan (3)


xiao long kan (5)


For China stemboat, we will not miss out with your own diy sauces that are basic with freshly chopped chili, garlic, coriander and spring onion. To add in at least half bottle of their sesame oil into your sauce.

xiao long kan (10)

For soup base, we order their signature : Butter Spicy Soup with 1 chili (which you can choose on your spicy level till level 3) @ RM 48, and Mushroom Yuen Yang @ RM 42. First timer, I would advise on level 1 spiciness level as it is quite different from others. If you think you can really take ma la spicinness then start off with level 2. I had mine in 2 chili. Loving it. 

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Pig Blood Cube @ RM 10

Most of the ingredient here are fresh and we ordered quite alot. . Love the spices and fragrant of the soup. Not too spicy as what I thought off but it is good enough for my level. To others might thing it is quite spicy.

xiao long kan (8)

Shrimp Paste @ RM 38

xiao long kan (9)

xiao long kan (12)

Fish Fillet

xiao long kan (13)

xiao long kan (14)

Australian Beef slice @ RM 30

xiao long kan (15)

Pork Belly Slice @ RM 22

xiao long kan (16)

Homemade Parsley Pork Ball @ RM 23

xiao long kan (17)

xiao long kan (18)


xiao long kan (19)

Fish Balls @ RM 10

xiao long kan (20)

Luncheon Meat @ RM 16

I have had quite number of China Szechuan steamboat in KL and certainly this is one of my top recommendations now. Price is on the steep side but near comparable with Xiao Fei Yang (XFY). Another of my favourite is also CQB in Kuchai Lama.

Certainly not cheap as the total bill came about RM 500 with 2 bottles of beer.

my second visit 3.11.2018:




Do remember to call to make reservation. If You walk in, the waiting time during peak hours is 2-3 hours. I waited 3 hours without booking. So its kinda bad.

[update: went on 6th Jan 2019, the quality of soup had dropped.. Order medium spicy taste non spicy and the herbs ingredient is less prominent] downgrade ratings from 9 – 7.5


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7.5/10, one of the best SzeChuan Hotpot !!! Recommended! ~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Xiao Long Xing Jiang Hu Malat Hotpot (previously known as Xiao Long Kan Hot Pot)
V05-01-02, Signature 1(V05) Lingkaran SV,
Sunway Velocity, Maluri, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Opens daily from 12pm to 12 am

Phone: 010-213 3382

GPS: 3.129573,101.723144


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