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Manage my email account Gmail,Hotmail and Yahoo into iTalkWhoa

by Taufulou

In our current fast pace society, everyone would love to have something convenient that could shorten time as time is very precious for everyone. That is where we do have Nescafe 3in1 which just pour in a pack of it just add hot water and ready to drink instead of the old conventional way. For Gadget, everyone is talking about i-Phone of Blackberry that could manage their things just a few clicks away. 

Now, as most of the people now start to know the existence of iTalkwhoa with its known features of all in one under one portal that provides cheap international call too.


With two of the famous tool that they include was twitter and YouTube which is just a click away from this very own window and one to make it even better is their email features. We usually check our private email in different window that need to access in and out a few times to load for other email portal.


Tired of logging in and out for your email?

So here is one of my solution that I have discover on this portal was, it can manage a of my email account such as MSN, Yahoo, Gmail, into this one particular single portal. All I need to do is just set up all my account and key in my user and password to make it work. Then hooola! Just a click and all my email is in this one single portal.


With the latest trend mobile trend in the market, iTalkWhoa add Pushmail features into it to enable us to forward our new email to our mobile device as now most of us using SmartPhones to check our important email, online or play games, with this features it had make us more efficient to connect all my activities into single portal.

With all that cool features, it had save my time alot and I created my all in one portal. Have you done yours yet? Find out more at www.italkwhoa.com

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Caroline 23/08/2010 - 10:20 am

oh maybe i can give it a try! so convenient! 😀

Taufulou 24/08/2010 - 11:20 am

heee, you can try then let me know oh`


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