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August 2013

Restoran Wei Kee (伟记饭店深井烧鹅): Roasted Goose @ Lorong Yap Hin

For once we do not know what to eat, then Ken suggested why not we head down to KL for good Roast Goose over lunch since he need to go Pudu area to purchase an item. He also mention that its one of his favourite place for Roast Goose whereby its one of the best you can get in KL if you comparing over to Hong Kong. Restaurant Wei Kee is another classic hidden gem around Pudu area, as whereby…

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Arthur’s Day Launch Party 2013 & Arthur’s Day Tickets starts from RM 98 @ KL Live Center

Another big event is coming up. Gear up your free day on 27th of Sept as the main event for Arthur’s day will be taking place on that date. Last week, I attended the Arthur’s Day Launch happen in KL Live Center. Its another event that being celebrated world wide and this year they are back with something even bigger and bolder. They have already arrange a great line up for all of us and the group is being reveal…

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Worthy Book F&B 2013 Edition

Nowdays alot of us log into our pc by either checking our FB or check for some good bargain at groupon sites. Worthy Book is another avenue of providing additional discounted items whereby this is their second installment of their F&B editions. Currently is available in major book stores. What’s the difference between this and online sites. Of course the promotional value in this book is very much different from those online. To me, its another great value addition as…

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Heineken Good Vibes Festival 2013 @ Sepang

Comes to year end, there’s where the party all slowly starting to kick off. One of the first is Heineken Good Vibes that took place recently at Sepang which is also its very first installment that feature quite a number of great artist local and international, that many of the party goers are looking forward  for the star of the night, Smashing Pumpkins. Not only that as Heineken took the opportunity to do a beta version of Starclub which is…

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WHISK Espresso Bar + Bake Shop @ 1 – Utama

In a mall, usually when you want to take a break where did you end up too? Bubbletea, dessert shop or some any commercial coffee place like Starbucks or CoffeeBean. For me I usually will hunt for others local coffee. WHISK Outpost is another little coffee place in 1-Utama that have its own followers.  Love the place of this coffee as its quite classic and pretty distinguish from other outlet  .. If you are there need to some desserts they…

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5 Places in London to eat Best seafood

5 Places in London to eat Best seafood The connection between seafood and our health is undeniable. There are plenty of different fish in the sea, but finding the best fish and seafood restaurant or shop took thorough analysis when you will visit any country or city like London. Nestled just a few miles from the North Sea and dissected by numerous rivers and waterways, London is a seafood lover’s paradise with fresh – delicious fish and also shellfish available…

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