Sakae Sushi is another well establish brand in our market. It is also my parents favourite Japanese food chain, well I don really fancy them last time till recently along with my assistant also keep mentioning how good their food is then they really do deserve a second chance by testing out their Sakae Sushi  New Menu 2013.

With their new direction, and new trend for young and old, one of their newly refurbish outlet which is in 1-Utama is pretty trendy and provides comfortable dining ambiance.

sakae (1)

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 This is how their new outlet looks like. .

sakae (3)

of course they need to maintain their sushi conveyor belt that many diners are already use to the concept.

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If I am not mistaken they are one of the first Japanese chain that launch their Ipad ordering from the table that really attract my sister and parents to dine quite often.

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Of course when their new menu being introduce, some hard copies are available too. With their classic ipad still install onto the table, but their app had improve with more pictures and more food category to be provided for diners to enjoy. One thing I found out that, most restaurant change menu, there will be always an increase of price but their price still remains pretty much the same.

sakae (6)

This is what my assistant always promoting that their Salmon – 5pcs @ RM10.90 is really a good bargain which is fresh, juicy and smooth. I must agree with her now.

sakae (7)

This would be another great plate of dish to start off with as their Sashimi Salad is filled with salmon, yellow tail, tuna, squid and lobster salad with garden salad @ RM25.90. Really a good bargain and its good!

sakae (8)

Nama Hotate mentai @ RM9.99 – Half grilled scallop with mentaiko mayo

sakae (9)

Spicy Tsubugai @ RM5.99 – Seasoned spicy sea snail in inari or sweet beancurd skins

sakae (10)

Hokkigai Gold @ RM5.99

Surf clam with capelin roe. This is really something unique that for the first time I see this texture and colour. The clam texture were so similar to biting ebiko as yellow surface on the top is filled with something similiar to ebiko that the texture gives you chewy and little pop. .

sakae (11)

Lobster & Salmon Roll @ RM 26.90

sakae (12)

Salmon Crepe @ RM9.99

sakae (13)

Kimchee Mango Maki

If you would want try something new, then try the cross over of Japan and Korean, as the kimchi roll inside as the main ingredient are pretty mild and little spicy end, followed with the freshness of sweet mango.  Great combination. Worth to try it out.

sakae (14)

Karei Fish @ RM25.90 

sakae (15)I

This new item being introduce as it acts more like a all rounder with many diners cans hare to eat. Their concept is some people do not like raw stuff therefore they have the option of this perfectly fried fish cook with teriyaki sauce upon served. Crips on the outside soft inside.

sakae (16)

Salmon Asparagus Yaki @ RM15.90 – Grilled salmon and asparagus with teriyaki sauce

sakae (17)

Tempura corn is another item new to me, but the corn they use is really fragrant and sweet.

sakae (18)

Seafood Pizza @ RM18.90

Their serving of pizza is pretty unique as its being serve with hot plate. Filled with mini tempura prawn, crabstick, shitake mushroom, green pepper, onion, mozzarella cheese and spicy mayo.

sakae (19)

Beef Kamameshi @ RM17.90

For rice person then you should not miss this, as their sauteed sliced beef with assorted mushroom topped on rice is cook to perfection. Something simple with beef slice is soft and pairs well with mushroom.

sakae (20)

Another dish I like is their Goma Crab Pasta @ RM16.80. Cook till al-dante, fragrant with light sesame oil and garlic end taste with fish roe gives you the pop sensation is a new experience for me.

sakae (21)

Yogurt Ice cream is my favourite among the 3 follow by Girls would love this as Vanilla Ice Cream with Shiokoji Collagen @ RM6.90. Not only that as the after taste is slightly salty. Pretty interesting combo as the mild saltiness comes from collagen.

sakae (22)

Mochi is the typical Fluffy and not too sweet glutinous rice dessert.

sakae (23)

I think for dessert that price at RM 9.90 which is Waffle with Matcha Ice Cream is a dessert without any complain. Something simple and very direct to filled up the dessert gap in my stomach.

sakae (24)

 Pudding is not in my food list therefore I cant really comment much. 😀

I guess, with their new menu really change my perception towards Sakae Sushi Malaysia as their Exec Chef CK Ooi who’s the one doing the R&D from customer’s feedback, marketing’s and sales out. He have his point there where he churn out something that ideal to the current market trend and not just plain old sushi and that’s it.

I also love their green tea, as I always prefer it to have some roasted rice taste.

Customers will also be rewarded with a special RM1 New Menu Treat promotion accompanying the launch. With a minimum spend of RM30 in a single receipt, diners get to enjoy a daily featured New Menu Dish for only RM1. Furthermore, Citibank cardholders receive an additional benefit of 1-for-1 pink plate worth RM3.99 each. Online fans can also look forward to great freebies and contests on Sakae Sushi’s Facebook fan page.

Sakae Sushi Can be located throughout Malaysia. To find the nearest to you head to their website at :

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  1. Their foods are generally nice but i always find them overpriced, i prefer Sushi Tei to be frank :p

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