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The connection between seafood and our health is undeniable. There are plenty of different fish in the sea, but finding the best fish and seafood restaurant or shop took thorough analysis when you will visit any country or city like London. Nestled just a few miles from the North Sea and dissected by numerous rivers and waterways, London is a seafood lover’s paradise with fresh – delicious fish and also shellfish available all over the London.

Fish species which are indigenous to the Thames include the flat fishes: flounder and sole; whiting, bass, and herring – the juvenile sprats used to be sold as whitebait in taverns (especially in Greenwich and Black wall) along the river. Most often fish will be grilled or fried and served with a choice of one of many internationally recognizable sauces. White fillets of fish like flounder or the popular cod and hake are also commonly available deep-fried in batter with chips – available at any fish and chip shop.

Rock and Sole Plaice

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Covent Garden WC2
47 Endell St London WC2H 9AJ, United Kingdom
+44 20 7836 3785

Rock and Sole Plaice By kapturnik

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The chunky fish and chips are quite reliably good here and it is one of the few places actually close to a tourist area (which must explain the notably high prices). The ambience – should you choose to eat in – is a cross between slightly trendy cheap café and cheap café. This corner café charging from £15 for fish & chips, also £5 for a delicious fish-cake, traditional sausage or saveloy. Fish, whichever the species is you can decide clearly fresh & flaky but can be disappointing in size of dishes once the crispy batter has been negotiated.

Seafresh Fish Restaurant


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Victoria SW1
80-81 Wilton Rd London, Greater London SW1V 1DL, United Kingdom
+44 20 7828 0747
Five minutes’ walk from the tube station, this takeaway and restaurant of longstanding is of reliable, if not completely outstanding quality. The menu is fairly basic and the portions are medium sized and more expensive than average (though not for this area of town). Don’t know if this is a recommendation, but it is the first place we’ve seen that sells spam fritters. The fish and chip shop – these are, again, everywhere once you have left the central London area (they exist within central London, but you will need to know where to go). They now usually also sell other foodstuffs like hamburgers, kebabs, pies or Chinese food, as well as the more traditional staples such as battered fish (generally cod and hake), scampi, cod’s roe (a solid and unappealing battered patty), pickled onions (probably for eating with the fish) and occasionally mushy peas.


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Muswell Hill N10
38 Muswell Hill Broadway London N10 3RT, United Kingdom
+44 20 8883 8656
The fish here was tender and juicy with a lovely crispy batter and the chips were thick and hot. There is a slightly more up market restaurant at the back which serves a variety of fish dishes, market specials and some Greek dishes. The £7.50 lunch special will allow you to get battered cod, chips, bread and butter and a cup of tea. Fish and chip are highly variable in quality here. They can constitute a good hot and filling meal – though you do need a reasonably high tolerance for oil. Alternately it can be very disappointing: dried out tough over-cooked fish with old kept-warm-for the-last-20-minutes chips. Most places will cook up from scratch if asked which is likely to improve, though not guarantee, your chances of a good meal. Lovely.


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Kensington W8
6 Lancer Square-Kensington Church St.-Kensington-London
W8 4EH
A dowdy exterior wouldn’t alert those not in the know to the excellent quality of the fish and chips. Everything is cooked to order – the fish moist and firm with a thin coating of excellent crispy batter – and there are Greek dips as well as mushy peas on offer. Some wonderful hearty and flavorsome soups: pea and ham, oxtail or mulligatawny (an anglicized Indian dish). Two soups that may be served cold are watercress soup and leek and potato soup. Smoked haddock is also used in soups, but despite the abundance of local seafood, there is no great English seafood soup.

The Regency Cafe

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17-19 Regency St London, Greater London SW1P 4BY, United Kingdom
+44 20 7821 6596
The cafe in Pimlico, London, is a well-preserved 1940s “greasy spoon” cafe. Different sorts of establishments which provide a genuine flavor of London – exceptionally modest seafood vans or pie and mash shops- whether in the food, ambience or both.
Some typical seafood eating places with different taste which you will find in London include the ubiquitous ‘greasy spoon’ café. Not for the faint hearted, and possibly only for the desperately hungry on an extremely tight budget. These places are everywhere except for the main tourist through-fares in central London.

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