Nowdays alot of us log into our pc by either checking our FB or check for some good bargain at groupon sites. Worthy Book is another avenue of providing additional discounted items whereby this is their second installment of their F&B editions. Currently is available in major book stores.

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What’s the difference between this and online sites. Of course the promotional value in this book is very much different from those online.

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To me, its another great value addition as there are some outlets that I visit very often such as Subway, Kim Garry and a few more others. To find the vouchers you like they have a few options. Can look at the book index by area, which is easy for us or the place we intend to go, easily to find out what are the vouchers is able to use.

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This is one of a outlet that I visit pretty often and good value for me is that I can get free 6″ sandwich with a purchase mention in the TnC. Besides that the vouchers inside the book are easily tear off that I can easily keep inside my wallet to redeem it whenever I visit this outlet. . Not only that, it comes with a description on the side too.

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 These are some of the outlets with alot of freebies upon order.

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 Brozeit which I did a review for them before, you can read along too. (click here)

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 Free Salmon Sashimi at Sushi TEi (review click here) , what can you ask for when we have one more additional.

It all really depends on you as you can head to your nearest bookstore to start flipping on this great F&B addtion that Worthy Book had just launch if you are a frequent visitor and willing to explore more on food, its a great addition to have as this voucher book is price at RM29.90.

If you would like to place an order, you can message them in their FB page: Worthy Book


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